YANK US 1944 03 24 (PDF)




March 24, 1944     Vol. 2 No. 40

The Routine at an Air Force Redistribution Station

Cover: Soldier-Diver

He may be out of uniform, as most of us know the uniform, but still this is an Army man and not a sailor. He is S/Sgt. Woodman H. Atterbury of Sedro Woolley, Wash. Atterbury is using a “home-made” diving helmet as he leaves the mine planter on which he is stationed to drop into the water off Panama and free a tangled cable. See pages 12 and 13 for more PCD Signal Corps pictures of the “miners.”

Articles Inside:

ATC India-China Wing (Air Transport Command) By Sgt. Ed Cunningham

These American transport planes are flying more military supplies over the treacherous 14,000-foot hump of the Himalayas than China used to get by truck through the old Burma Road.

Counterattack (San Pietro) By Sgt. Newton H. Fulbright

When the Germans launched a drive of their own against a stunned and reduced American force pushing on San Pietro, it took a couple of mortars, a couple of heroes and a lot of plain guts to stop them.

GIs Gone Wrong Get Straightened Out At Progressive Prison in Africa By Sgt. George M. Hakim

Even Flyers Kept in Dark About French Targets By Sgt. Walter Peters

Tales of Songs and Ships And Cigarettes From the Anzio-Nettuno Beachhead By Sgt. Burtt Evans

GI Artists in Puerto Rico Form Sketch Club—With Mole Models

The Haleys, Eggers And Klaputs Join In Twin Attacks On Germany

First Stop Back Home For Air Force GIs By Sgt. Mack Morriss

The deal at the Redistribution Stations, where Air Force men are sent as soon as they return to the States from overseas combat zones, sounds more like a civilian vacation than something connected with Army routine.

Eyes of the Guns (Artillery Spotters) By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

Our Field Artillery at Bougainville, so effective that it stops Japanese attacks with no help from the other ground forces, gets remarkable on-the-nose fire direction from its Ops in jungle treetops and in Piper Cubs flying low over the enemy’s lines.

Seagoing Soldiers

Covering the waters at the approaches to the Panama Canal is a bunch of GIs whose job it is to see that the area is closed to enemy traffic. As members of the mine-planting service, they man the boats that carry the “bottom busters” to where they can do the most harm. They are Army outfits that even take their first sergeants out to sea with them.

Mail Call

     Thinking Soldiers By Sgt. Carl Dorio, Cpl. Edward Stone, Pvt. James J. Casey, Sgt. H. J. Lewis, Pfc Andrew Remes, Sgt. Russell F. Ryan, S/Sgt. C. R Strickland

     Garfield and the General By S/Sgt. Louis R. Price, Pvt. George R. Badgero, Cpl. Herman Wifke and Pvt. Custy Basso.

     Permanent Party By Sgt. Frank Reynolds, Cpl. A. H. Stork

     Catnip By Sgt. Vincent Anastasio

     Cloud Hoppers By Crew of B-24 “Cloud Hopper”

     Ur or Ur By Pvt. James White

Message Center

Shoulder Patch Exchange

The Foxhole Business By Sgt. Ray Duncan (YANK Fiction)

What’s Your Problem?

     Officers’ Dependents By 2d Lt. George Seeks

     Guardhouse Time By Pvt. George Benton

     Orderlies By T/Sgt. Jesse B. Morrison

     Craps and Conscience

     Purple Heart By Pfc. John Higgins

Strictly GI

     USAFI Overseas

     GI Shop Talk

     Personal Affairs

     Amphibious Cavalrymen


Washington O.P.

Camp News

     Conservation Piece

     Love Can Wait

     Happy Ending

     Keeps ‘Em Walking

     Around The Camps

     Delirium Tremors

Yank Pin-up Girl: Irene Manning

What goes on in the Entertainment World back home

PX — Post Exchange

     A Simplified Tax Plan By Cpl. Nathaniel Rogovoy

     Ballad Of Bravery

     No Worms Today By Pfc. Sidney Mason

Wac Sketches By Cpl. Sara F. Sykes

Rawhide Rollins Hits the Trail By Cpl. Carl Happel

A GI Western Story

Sports: Small Notes And Stories About Some Big Fellows By Sgt. Dan Polier

YANK Cartoons