YANK US 1944 03 17 (PDF)




March 17, 1944     Vol. 2 No. 39

What’s the Deal on Pensions for Pensions for Ex-Servicemen?

Cover: Close One

The grin on the face of this infantryman and the sorry condition of his helmet bear testimony to a close call on the Italian front. A shell fragment pierced his helmet and liner but obviously left his head in good condition. The lucky soldier is Pfc. Andrew Werner and he comes from Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Articles Inside:

Carrier in the Pacific

New flat-tops have made our recent series of blows into Jap territory possible.

First Yanks On Jap Soil

These reconnaissance cavalrymen of the 7th Division will go down in the history books as the soldiers who planted the first American flag on Nipponese territory in this war. Here’s how it happened in four days of furious fighting in the Marshalls.

Short Stories From Italy By Sgt. Burgess H. Scott

The Mounties Get Unhorsed By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers

What’s The Deal On Pensions For Ex-Servicemen? By Sgt. H. N. Oliphant

The Veterans Administration was badly snafued last fall when it didn’t have enough personnel or priorities to handle the pensions and job problems of the first batch of discharged GIs. But here’s how it works now under a new and more efficient organization set-up.

Reich Offers Prizes For Better Weapons

To ease the burdens of the master race, YANK offers these modest suggestions from our own Sgt. Ralph Stein, who should of went to OCS. Der Fuehrer can keep his old money; Sgt. Stein just likes to see his pictures in print.

Center-fold Map Pacific Ocean & Bay of Bengal

Mail Call

     Soldier Voters By Lt. Harold Norris, Pvt. Harold Kramer, Sgt. George Kauffman, Sgt. Frank Bain, T-4 Charles Cohen, Pfc. Ezra Herman, Bernard Weinstein S1c, S/Sgt. C. R. Strickland, S/Sgt. Walter J. Schloss, Cpl. W. Glanzbergh, Sgt. L. A. Doukas

     The Short Snorters Again

     Deep In The Heart

     Bonita’s Date By Thomas Hartnett, Bonita Granville, Pfc. James I. Scott, Pvt. Robert C. Timrick

Message Center

Shoulder Patch Exchange

An Amphibian’s Sketchbook

These sketches of typical scenes in the life of an Army engineer in the Amphibian Command are the work of Cpl. Joseph J. Stefanelli of Philadelphia, Pa. He drew them while he was training as an intelligence noncom in a boat and shore regiment at Ford Ord, Calif.

The Sad Sack “First Come – First Served” By Sgt. George Baker

When we get the new T.O. …. (Fiction)

Strictly GI

     Negro Combat Units

     Bronze Star Medal

     Super Quilt

     Carbine Grenade Launcher

     Income-Tax Notes

     Veterans, Second World War

Washington O.P.

Camp News

     Negro Airmen Praised

     “Including the Scandinavian”

     Quit Shovin’

     Nice Knowing Her

     Around The Camps

     Say That Again, Doc

Yank Pin-up Girl : Esther Williams

Books In Wartime (ASE numbers E-121 thru E-150)

Navy Notes


     Border Problem

PX – Post Exchange

GI Beer Song By Sgt. William R. Carty

Why Bother? By Pfc. Charles F. Kirby

Contaminating The Classics By Pvt. Louis Fisher

Next Case! By Pfc. Albert W. Golde

Humphrey, Franchot and Victor By Cpl. C. G. DeVan

Sports French Sailor Looks Like Future Champ to Sharkey By Cpl. Tom Shehan

Sports Service Record

YANK Cartoons