YANK US 1944 03 10 (PDF)




March 10, 1944     Vol. 2 No. 38

The Chinese-American Air Wing Bombs the Japs

Cover: Zebras

Said the zebra to M/Sgt. Merton H. Huftile in an Australian zoo: “I’ve had my stripes longer than you.” Huftile, a husky from Battle Creek, Mich., nine years in the Marines and five in the Army, was going to give him an argument. But not knowing where or how a zebra shows his age, he decided to move on and inspect the mute kangaroo.

Articles Inside:

After The Battle At Kwajalein By By Sgt. Merle Miller

Hospital on Rails By Sgt. Burgess H. Scott

First Ambulance Train In Italy Carries Wounded GIs Out Of Fighting Zone.

Imported Natives Helped GIs Transform Santo Into a Bustling Community By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

Tale of a Merchant Mariner Out on a Limb in the Atlantic By Sgt. Frank Bode

It’s Music, Maestro, Please, When the Bombers Hit Guinea By Cpl. William C. Gamble

Yanks in Italy Concoct Savory Dishes From Rations and Local Tidbits By Sgt. Burgess H. Scott

He Hunted and Skied in Alaska, So They Sent Him to the Caribbean By Pvt. Jud Cook

Teamwork in China By By Sgt. Ed Cunningham

In the Chinese-American Composite Air Wing, Chiang Kai-shek’s flyers, trained at U. S. schools, sit next to Yank pilots during bomber missions over territory held by the Japs.

Back to Grade School Goes This Tunisian Veteran By Cpl. Tom Shehan (Jean George Robinson, 11 Years Old)

Home Towns in Wartime – Boston, Mass. By Sgt. Joe McCarthy

What are Girls Wearing?

Despite the shortage of material, skirts back in America still cover the knees.

Variety Show

Mail Call

     Officer Contributions By 2d Lt. Jerome Snyder

     Chili in Italy By T/5 F. Egerter

     The Fall Guys By Cpl. Melvin H. Bernstein

     Troop Rotation By Cpl. James Culverhouse

     USO Commandos By S/Sgt. Paul T. Nolan, S/Sgt. Lloyd Klaskin, CWO John H. Murphy, Sgt. Ray Lee, Sgt. Muriksgaard, Pvt. Humphrey Owen

     Mistaken Identity By Cpl. Len Anton

     “Bananas” Zeke By T-5 Ben Shraer

     Study in Pictures

Message Center

Shoulder Patch Exchange

What lucky charm do you carry on missions over Europe? (S/Sgt. Trammell (Ace) Hollis, Capt. John Storie, S/Sgt. Robert Bellora, Sgt. Vincent Barbella, T/Sgt. Harry D. Cooper, T/Sgt. Maurice Fitzgibbons)

The Sad Sack “V-Mail” By Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

     Saluting German Prisoners By Sgt. Nat Reese

     National Guard Hash Marks By T/Sgt. Harold B. Griffin

     Epileptic Pilot

     Chess By Mail By Pfc. Gerald I. Fenton

     Dating A Nurse By Pvt. Clarence Warren

     Transfers Overseas By S/Sgt. Theodore Laux

     Chaplains By Sgt. Herbert Ranzall

Strictly GI

     Battle Lessons

     ASTP Drops 110,000

     Troop Rotation

     11,300,000 By July 1

Camp News

     Home Touch for Woes

     Double or Nothing

     Busy Night

     Repeat Performance

     He Won’t Talk

     Around The Camps

Yank Pin-up Girl: Gale Storm

How To Vote In 11 States Holding Primary Elections In May

PX – Post Exchange

     If I Had A Car By Pfc. L. P. Shapleigh

     Request By If I Had A Car S/Sgt. A. L. Crouch

     Transformation By T-5 Robert Bergman

     Something More By Pfc. Martin Weldon

The Wondrous Well of Camp Wooks By Cpl. Carl Happel

Sports: Free-Swinging Bob Dill Got Chance To Play With Rangers Because He Slugged A Referee By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

YANK Cartoons