YANK US 1944 03 03 (PDF)




March 03, 1944     Vol. 2 No. 37

Beachhead Action Stories: Italy and the Marshalls

Cover: A Nurse Digs in South of Rome

The Smiling nurse digging a slit trench in Italy is Lt. Maxine Lykins from Albany, Mo. Sgt. George Aarons of YANK photographed her at work in the hospital grounds a few minutes after she and 21 other nurses had been landed in the Anzio – Nettuno invasion area – the first American girls to reach the beachhead established south of Rome. Articles Inside:

Hot Spot In Italy By Sgt. Burgess H. Scott

A report from one of the hottest corners of the earth, the narrow Allied beachhead between Anzio and Nettuno when there wasn’t an inch of territory protected from German bombs, shells, machinegun and small-arms fire.

Nurses Under Fire In Italy

Valiant Attempt of a Chicago Tovarich to Uphold the Tradition in Iran By Cpl. James P. O’Neill

A Yank in New Guinea Weds The Girl of His Dreams in Kansas By Cpl. Chuck Rathe

So Then This Little Guy Says to the Marine Sergeant

Good Neighbor Symphony By Cpl. Richard Harrity

Tito’s Army By Sgt. Walter Bernstein

The small band of freedom-loving Yugoslav men and women who started a brave fight with captured weapons against the Nazi invaders three years ago has now grown into an efficient machine of 300,000 Partisan troops.

Marshalls Massacre By Sgt. Merle Miller

The 7th Division, veterans of the Aleutians, wondered if Kwajalein would be a tougher nut to crack than Attu. But when they landed, they found that our guns and bombs had already smashed it to bits.

GI Mike (Radio Entertainment)

Mail Call

     Post-War Justice By Cadet John E. Brown, Pvt. Jack M. Fox, S/Sgt. Miles S. Sampson, Pvt. R. H. Fanning Jr.

     Mercy For Japs By Pvt. Ralph H Luckey

     Boy And Man By Earl J. Quinn Sr.

     Mail Call By Sgt. Al Forristol, Sgt. L. Kaiserman

     Chelsea Cigarettes By Cpl. T. C. Hinton

     Baseball Boner By Lt. D. Donellan, Pvt. Robert M Brieschke

     Army Bonus By Cpl. I. R. Shipp

     Perpetual Pfc. By Pfc. Michael A Sanders

Message Center

Shoulder Patch Exchange

Learning From War

It’s war all right, but simulated, and in Tennessee. These pictures were taken during the Second Army Air-Ground School exercises, applying the latest tactics learned to combat.

The Sad Sack “Habit” By Sgt. George Baker

Ghost Bride (Fiction)

Strictly GI

     Our Casualties

     AAF Colleges Released

     Language Guides

     Our French Allies

     Overseas V-Discs

     GI Shop Talk

Washington O. P.

Camp News

     One-Piece Air Force

     Skin Game

     Davis Cup Ping-Pong

     Oh, Brother!

     Around The Camps

     Try, Try Again

Yank Pin-up Girl : Betty Bryant

The Poets Cornered

     Courage By Sgt. Harold Applebaum

     Unrelated Quatrains By Pvt. Louis Fisher

     Lightings In The Sky By T/Sgt. R H Bryson

     The Problem Of The Soldier’s Intellect By Sgt. Bob Stuart McKnight

     Tomorrow By Sgt. Carlyle A. Oberle

Navy Notes

     Submarine Vacancies.

     More Penicillin.

     Dredgings. By Robert L. Schwartz Y2c

Px – Post Exchange


     L’envoi By Pvt. Frank Powers

     Pure And Simple By Sgt. Irving Summers

     Query By S/Sgt. A. I. Crouch

America’s Rather Girl By Pfc. Martin Weldon

Pvt. Kidder’s Sacrifice By Sgt. Franklin P. Hau

Sports: Take A Quote, Please, As The Great Minds In Sports Speak By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

YANK Cartoons