YANK US 1944 02 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 34 … A Day With the Supply Men on the Italian Front ……. Cover : LST Gun Captain ….. This Giant of a man, G. O. Blackburn of Chicago, Ill., seaman 1st class, was photographed aboard an LST “somewhere off New Georgia” while on duty as gun captain. Six Guys on YANK swore that this fellow was Alan Hale, the Hollywood movie actor, but take our word for it – he isn’t.
“Hump Happy” (GI Musical Comedy )
275,000 Ratings
Amphibious Operation
Bombardment of Buka
Infantrymen Who Fought in Makin Battle Summarize the Lessons they Learned
Smooth-Talking American Soldier Buys Dinner for a Couple of Nazis
Supplies Are Brought Up in Italy on the GI’s Back
The Life of a Yank in Newfoundland
Camp News
Home Towns in Wartime – Philadelphia, Pa.
Mail Call
Navy Notes
PX – Post Exchange
The Poets Cornered
What’s Your Problem?
Yank Pin-up Girl : Carole Gallagher