YANK US 1944 02 11 (PDF)




February 11, 1944     Vol. 2 No. 34

A Day With the Supply Men on the Italian Front

Cover: LST Gun Captain

This Giant of a man, G. O. Blackburn of Chicago, Ill., seaman 1st class, was photographed aboard an LST “somewhere off New Georgia” while on duty as gun captain. Six Guys on YANK swore that this fellow was Alan Hale, the Hollywood movie actor, but take our word for it – he isn’t.

Articles Inside:

Supplies Are Brought Up in Italy on the GI’s Back By Sgt. Burgess Scott

When the Infantry’s ammunition and food reach the last stage of their tortuous journey to the front, even the mules quit. The private finishes the job alone.

Bombardment of Buka

When a U.S. cruiser task force bombed Jap positions on Buka in the northern Solomons, YANK’s photographer Sgt. Dillon Ferris went along to record the action aboard one of the ships.

Infantrymen Who Fought in Makin Battle Summarize the Lessons they Learned By Sgt. Fred Baxter

Sleeping in the General’s Car, Panama GI Finds, Has Drawback By Sgt. George Hill

Smooth-Talking American Soldier Buys Dinner for a Couple of Nazis By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin

Here’s Useful Tip About Jeeps Discovered By a Yank in Sardinia By Sgt Burtt Evans

Two Pigeon Fanciers in Iran Plan To Raise Some Fancy Pigeons By Sgt. Al Hine

The Life of a Yank in Newfoundland By Sgt. Frank Bode

This wind-swept North Atlantic base is beginning to seem like home to the GIs who have been guarding it since January 1941.

“Hump Happy” By Sgt. Ed Cunningham

This GI Musical Comedy Covers The India Circuit By Air.

Home Towns in Wartime – Philadelphia, Pa. By Cpl. Harry Sions

Amphibious Operation By Sgt. Dick Hanley

Yank’s Sgt. Dick Hanley Lands With The Marines at Cape Gloucester, New Britain.

Mail Call

     Infantry Promotions By Cpl. Warren Hunt, S/Sgt. E. De Marchis, S/Sgt. W. R. Wood, Sgt. Joe Schlag. Cpls. Ed Doherty and Larry Gerzcak, Pfc. E. Manly, and Pvt. Walter Koenlng, Cpl. John Vaughan, Cpls. David Mertz. David Ross. James Conly Jr.. Anthony Arace. Frank Perry, Lowell Schenke, Emanuel Bartzel, Thomas Dalton. Albin Cegelski, Arthur W. Silver, Ed Madden, Alphone Volnche. L. Quickie, James Doyle, Alex Kerpferman and R. Harrell, Pvt. Joe Phillips

     Perforated Eardrums By Sgt. John H Mader, Cpl. E. Mistal

     Veterans’ Organizations By Sgt. Martin O. Furst, Craig Martin Y2c

     Overseas Duty By Pvt. Howell Hallmark

Message Center

Shoulder Patch Exchange

275,000 Ratings By Sgt. Ray Duncan

The Sad Sack “Trigger Happy” By Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

     Aviation Cadets By Pvt. Samuel Gross

     Orderlies By Cpl. John Munro, Pvt. John Acocella

     Writing to Congressmen By Cpl. George French

     Dependency Benefits By —Pvt. Danny Ecker

Strictly GI

     Army Casualties

     Army Insignia

     Flying Fatalities

     Nurses Get ODs

     Bulletin Board

Washington O. P.

Camp News

     Post-War Suggestion

     Art Critic

     Anglo-Chinese Paper

     How to Cash a Check

     Guardhouse Mystery

Around The Camps

Photo Contest Winners

Yank Pin-up Girl: Carole Gallagher

Navy Notes

     New Ribbon

     Bump Quota Full

     British Fledglings

     Mutual Admiration

     Two Quotes

     Discharge Data

Good-Will Mission


The Poets Cornered

     For You At Valentine’s By Sgt. Loton Rogers Pitts

     The Foxhole

     Pfc. Arthur Vaupel

     A T-5’s Travail

PX – Post Exchange

Furlough With Imogene By Sgt. Leonard Summers

“Unsung Hero” By Cpt. S. F. Grapman

We Are Not Amused By Pfc Martin Weldon

GI Statistics By Harry A. Fox SK1c

A Soldier’s Dream By Sgt. Bob Stuart McKnight

Sports: Ex-Prisoner Tells of Sports In Jap Concentration Camp

YANK Cartoons