YANK US 1944 02 04 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 33

An Oregon County Plans Post-War Jobs for GIs ……. Cover : Promotion ….. The happiness of Pvt. (that is Pfc.) Charles Bond over his first stripe seems to be exceeded by that of his Indian bearer who did the job of sewing. In India, eight American enlisted men usually hire one bearer, each paying him a sum amounting to about $1.50 a month. And he’s well worth the cost.
A Yeast is Working (Fiction)
Ascension Island Gets An Amateur Theater
Bougainville Patrol
Lane County ( Oregon ) Makes Post-War Jobs
Saidor Landing Was a Different Story For 32d Division’s Buna Veterans
The Boys in Battery B ( 5th Army )
The New Troop-Rotation Policy
There Were No Dramatics on the Dock When This Hospital Ship Came Home ( USAHS Acadia )
Mail Call
Navy Notes
News From Home
Variety Show
Yank Pin-up Girl : Ann Savage