YANK US 1944 01 21 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 31

Pictures of German and Jap Combat Vehicles ……. Cover : Tamed Tiger ….. This vicious – looking machine, photographed by YANK’s Sgt George Aarons during the Tunisian campaign, is a PzKW VI -Panzer Kampfwagen, which translates literally as armored battlewagon. More often it was called the Tiger, but here with the sleeve knocked off its 88-mm cannon and resting against the muzzle brake, it is definitely a tamed one. See pages 2, 3, 4, 5 for photos of Nazi and Jap vehicles at Aberdeen ( Md.) Ordnance Research Center.
An Old Southern Custom ( Order of Shellbacks )
Birth of a Mission ( B-17s )
Civilian Classification Dept.
Enemy Vehicles
General Marshall Reports to YANK
Nickolai, Machine Gunner From Kharkov, Mowed Down Nazis Like Ripe Wheat
Salamaua Yanks Learned to Like the Pack .75
Stop the Presses By The Numbers
Mail Call
News From Home
Yank Pin-up Girl : Lois Collier