YANK US 1944 01 14 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 30

American Flyers Describe Life in a Nazi Prison ……. Cover : Ranger in Scotland ….. The camera of YANK’s Sgt. Steve Derry clicked a moment after this U.S. Ranger had cleared an obstacle on an assault course in Scotland, catching him knee deep in the goo. The Ranger is doing his best to keep his weapon clear of the mud as he pulls out to race for the next barrier on the course.
Behind the Lines
Down At Sea
Dutchy Wasn’t Big Enough for the Army, But the Japs Will Never Believe It
Home Town Papers Please Copy ( Stories from the 45th Division News )
Life in a Nazi Prison Camp
The Soldier of India
Camp News
Home Towns in Wartime – Rabaul, New Britain
Mail Call
PX – Post Exchange
The Poets Cornered
What’s Your Problem?
Yank Pin-up Girl : Virginia Mayo