YANK US 1944 01 07 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 29

Polish Flyers Drop Mines in German Harbors ……. Cover : Banquet in Italy ….. During a break for a noontime meal, Sgt. James Schwartz of Lorane, Pa., seems to have made himself just about at comfortable as a man can when he’s on the march through Italy. Having dumped his biscuits from his C-ration can, Schwartz now uses the container for a chocolate drink.
Books In Wartime “ASE”
Bull Session in New Caledonia
Foxhole University
GIs on Lonely Barges Tend Smoke Pots to Protect Canal
Mines From The Skies
Mural, Service Club M1
Random Notes on the Makin Operation, From a Reporter’s Invasion Diary
Salamaua Sketches
The New York Subway System On the Italian Front
The Road to Rome
What do you think of the Italian People?
With Free China’s Flag Upon His Back, He Died in a Great Sky Battle
Camp News
Mail Call
PX – Post Exchange
Yank Pin-up Girl : Linda Darnell