YANK US 1943 08 06 (PDF)




24 pages
Vol. 2 No. 7

The Army’s New Streamlined Airborne Troops

Cover : 1ST Sgt. H. M. Longworth, engineer, it being trained at Alliance, Nebr., as a member of the Army’s new airborne combat team. His outfit’s job is to land by glider on any enemy airfield captured by our troops and get it in shape for our own planes. See page 3 for a story on the new type of airborne units used in the invasion of Sicily

Negro Fighters’ First Battle; It was just a routine engagement between P-40s and German planes before the invasion of Sicily but it was a historic event – the first time Americans of this race met the enemy in aerial warfare

Lt. Col. Benjamin O. Davis Jr. and M. Sgt. Danvers; article by Irvin Shaw, Yank Field Correspondent

Landing at Woodlark; Sgt. Dave Richardson, Yank Staff Correspondent; Pvt. Adlo Di Meco

India, Burma РSpecial Delivery; photo by Sgt. Bob Ghia 

MacArthur’s offensive in the Pacific

701st Flying Training Squadron – Sgt. William L. Huffhines

Sports: George Dickey as A/A instructor