YANK US 1943 06 18 (PDF)




24 pages
Vol. 1 No. 52

Cover: Pass In Cairo ……. Hopeless McGonigle’s Brother Organizes a GI Union ……. Articles Inside:

If You Could Take Only Three Things Into the Desert, What Would You Pick?

Medics Are Tough In New Guinea – Thirty yards from the Jap lines in New Guinea, Pvt. James Windle is shown above dressing the shrapnel wounds of Cpl. Henry Jeske. “Twenty minutes later Jeske was hit again and Windle repeated the job,” writes YANK’s Sgt. Dave Richardson, who took the picture and sent it back with this report of the work of medical men in his area.

United Military Workers. By S/Sgt. L. A. Brodsky

The Close Shavers Club By Sgt. Burgess Scott

There’s a New Wolf in the Pacific; They Say His Name is Flash Gordon

My, What Beautiful Chevrons You Have, Grandpappy! By S/Sgt. Jerry Levy

Up in Attu, Your Tail Drags in the Mud While Sand Blows Into Your Eyes

GIs From the Air Forces Here Their Own Jockey Club in Brazil. By Pfc. Nat G. Bodian

Tombstones on These Graves In Tunisia Didn’t Stand Translation


Where Do We Go From Here? Five Yanks Now in Garden of Eden

Fighting MP – After battling Arabs in Africa, Fascists in Spain and Germans in France, the task of guarding a U.S. Army jail in England bores this military cop silly. By Sgt. Walter Peters

3-Day Pass in Cairo. By S/Sgt. Arthur J. Gutman

How Does Capture of Attu Change the Pacific War?

Strictly G.I.

Variety Show – Produced by the Cameras of the World

The Sad Sack “Chow Line” By Sgt. George Baker

Artie Greengroin, Pfc. – Artie Makes an Explanation

Message Center

Words Across the Sea

Mail Call

YANK Pin-up Girl: Lois Andrews

Company Street

Double Puzzle

Evening Report

Checker Strategy

Home Towns in Wartime – Spencer, Iowa


News From Home – What goes on in your own home state

The Post Exchange

Sports: Novikoff Signs With Cubs After A 61-Day Furlough. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sport Service Record

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