YANK US 1943 06 04 (PDF)




24 pages
Vol. 1 No. 50

Cover: Margaret M. Tootle of Glennville, Ga., top kick of the 36th WAAC Co., Fort George G. Meade, Md. ……. How Do the WAACs Like the Army – and vice versa? ……. Articles Inside:

What Do Enemy Prisoners Think About the War? – The German and Italian soldiers captured in the Tunisian clean-up don’t care if Hitler loses and feel relieved because the war is over for them. By Sgt. Milton Lehman

Yanks at Home and Abroad

Capture of Tunis Saved Yanks from Berlin Trip. By Sgt. Burgess Scott

Strange Things Happen In Cairo; You Never Can Tell Who You’ll Meet

Down Here “To Hell With You” Is Way a Friendly Bula Says Hello

A Marine Who Collects Two Things, Japs and Butterflies, in That Order. By Sgt. Arthur E. Mielke

Alaska Is Different Since the Mukluk Shuffle Arrived. By Cpl. Howard Mattocks

This Chaplain Ducks Bullets, And Finds No Atheists In Foxholes ( Chaplain Edward Connelly ) By Sgt. Dave Richardson

WAACs – The Corps Completes Its First Year Working Hard At Men’s Army Jobs. By Cpl. E. M. Halliday

It’s in the Cards – Part Two: How to spot the crooked gamblers’ universal sign language. By Allen Churchill Y3c

Tunisian Scoreboard – Names and numbers of outfits in African campaign

Strictly G.I.

In the Pacific – A Photographic Visit to Some Distant American Bases

The Sad Sack “The MP” By Sgt. George Baker

Artie Greengroin, Pfc. – The Lowdown on Artie

Message Center

Words Across the Sea

Mail Call

YANK Pin-up Girl: Marjorie Lord

Evening Report

Double Puzzle

Company Street

Checker Strategy

Home Towns in Wartime – Mexico, Mo. By Sgt. Bill Davidson

Army Specialized Training Program – Here are answers to some of the questions soldiers usually ask about it

News From Home – What Goes On in Your Home State

The Post Exchange

Sports: YANK Proposes an All-Army Baseball Squad with Gowdy and Greenberg as Managers. By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sport Service Record