YANK US 1943 05 14 (PDF)




24 pages
Vol. 1 No. 47

Cover: German Mortar – This captured Nazi 50-mm weapon is being studied by American soldiers. ……. Close-Up Pictures of German, Jap and Italian Guns ……. Articles Inside:

Enemy Weapons ( Six Pages ) by Sgt. Bill Davidson and Sgt. Ralph Stein, Photos by Cpl. Ben Schnall

Yanks at Home Abroad

Medics of This Mobile Outfit Treat Patients and Dub as Targets


The GI Gas Mask Plays Hero In a Remote Village in Iceland. By Cpl. Dennis Wiegand

Sgt. Red Door and Sioux Scouts Put Finishing Touches on the Japs. By Sgt. Dave Richardson

First Date in 10 Months and These GIs Got Stood Up. By Sgt Ken Abbott

Submarines: Germany’s Defense Against Invasion – Nazi U-boats must be beaten before United Nations supply lines can support a drive on the continent.

Strictly G.I.

Northern Front – A Pictorial Report from Bases in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.

The Sad Sack “The Obstacle” By Sgt. George Baker

The Poets Cornered

Message Center

Words Across the Sea

Mail Call

YANK Pin-up Girl: Hedy Lamarr

Evening Report

Current Events Quiz by Sgt. Irving L. Field

Company Street

Checker Strategy

The Colonel and His Squab ( YANK Fiction ) By Sgt. Harry Brown

The Post Exchange

It All Came Out in the Wash or The Winning of Sireen Schultz

News From Home – A Round-Up of the Week Back in the States

Play Ball! – Preview of the Major League Season by Sgt. Dan Polier

Roster of the St. Louis Cardinals