YANK US 1943 04 09 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 42

Cover: The Last to Eat – At an advanced base in the North African desert, the cook sits himself down to chow after all the men have had theirs. The cook is Cpl. Marcus E. Barrett of Nitta Yuma, Miss. ……. Yank Proposes Changes in Army Mail Regulations ……. Articles Inside:

What Gave You Your Biggest Kick in a Tank Battle?

Sunset Division Eclipses The Rising Sun by Sgt. Dave Richardson

Yanks at Home and Abroad

He Got Lost Over Enemy Territory in a Transport Plane, Was Blasted by a JU-88, Crashed and Lived To Tell It by Sgt. Burgess Scott

A Good Reason for Drinking Beer: Shellac Is Too Hard to Get. By Pfc. Frank Bode

Here’s One for Ripley–the Army Runs a Navy Down in South America. By Sgt. Joe McCarthy

Rollers on Errand of Mercy Fought Jungle, Rivers and Swamps. By Sgt. Bill Engel

The Morale Is: If You Wanta Fly a Plane, Keep Your Pants On

The Kiwi From New Zealand – American soldiers, stationed in the South Pacific beside this hard-boiled veteran of Greece, Crete and Libya, find him an all-around good guy who hates snobs and stuffed shirts. By Sgt. Merle Miller

It’s in the Cards – John Scarne, gambling expert finds plenty of cheating in Army card games-especially by the dealers. In this article he exposes their favorite methods. By Allen Churchill Y3c

Japs Aim Drive At Northern Australia – And Gen. MacArthur asks for more planes to fight threat in the East Indies.

YANK Wants These Changes In Overseas Mail Regulations

Medical Commandos ( Hawaii’s Mountain Rescue Unit )

The Sad Sack “Double Duty” By Sgt. George Baker

The Poets Cornered

Message Center

Words Across the Sea

Mail Call

YANK Pin-up Girl: Anne Baxter

Evening Report


Current Events Quiz by Sgt. Irving L. Field

Martha ( Raye ) Knows Her Slit Trenches

Company Street

Bermuda Bound – Soldiers there find it quiet and expensive. By Cpl. William Pene Du Bois

McTurk The Tentmaker

News From Home

The Post Exchange

Sports: If He Gets Past the Blockade, Gunder Haegg Will Bring an Outdoor Track Boom to the U.S. By Sgt. Bill Richardson

Roster of the New York Yankees

Sports Shorts

Checkerboard Strategy