YANK TY 1945 10 12 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 3

Cover: Yamashita Comes In — Sgt. Bill Young, Yank staff photographer, took this picture of Gen. Tomoyuki Yamashita when the conqueror of Singapore and commander of Jap forces in the Philippines was coming in to surrender at Bagnio. ……. Articles Inside:

Tojo Tries Suicide by YANK Photographer Cpl. George Burns

Japan — Some background on the history of the islands we are now occupying, from the first emperor, Jimmu, who descended from his grandmother’s heaven, to the 124th, Hirohito, who bit off more than he could chew at Pearl Harbor. By Sgt. Al Hine

A Swell Guy ( YANK Fiction ) By T/Sgt. Ben Amar

Philippine Campaign By Combat Artist Sgt Joseph Stefanelli

The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker

What’s Your Problem?


A Talk With Yamashita — The Jap general of the Philippines says Americans are clean—cut people and that everybody ought to be that way. He says science conquered his nation. By Sgt. Robert MacMillan

Mail Call

YANK Pin—up Girl: Joan Leslie

War Poets


Robot Detective — This latest APO gadget is able to see through packages and to check on the legitimacy of the souvenirs you mail back home. By Cpl. Jonathan Kilbourn

Sports: Victory Boom By Sgt. John Ebinger