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July 23, 1944     Vol. 1 No. 49

GIs Take Over Rome, Their First Captured Capital

Cover : When In Rome

When in Rome, hold a Roman baby and be popular with the populace, says Pvt. Ben Pollack who was among the first American soldiers to enter the former Axis capital. YANK’s Sgt. George Aarons photographed Pvt. Pollack standing on a motorcycle surrounded by a happy, well-dressed crowd.

Articles Inside:

U.S. Divisions in France

A Who’s Who that tells where each American infantry and airborne outfit fought against the Germans on the Cherbourg Peninsula and gives the highlights of their past combat records.

Plan To Combine Armed Forces By Sgt. Merle Miller

Army likes idea of putting both services under one head but Navy disapproves.

These Are Germans Evacuating Rome

Before any Allied troops entered the capital city, an Italian took these pictures of the withdrawing Germans from the upper-story window of a house where he had concealed himself. Later he gave them to YANK’s Sgt. George Aarons, who reached Rome with the first Allied patrols.

GIs Take Over Rome By Sgt. James P. O’Neill

Two reports on the happy day when the Eternal City became the first European capital to get rid of the Nazis and welcome the Allies.

Highway 6 By Sgt. Fred Rosen

Yanks at home abroad

     Crime and Punishment

     Song of the Islands By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

     Temptation By Pvt. Jud Cook

     Don’t Wake Me; Let Me Dream

     Fighting Cock By Sgt. Al Hine

APO 784 (Hamadan, Iran)

Mail Call

Message Center

Mail Call

     Saluting German Prisoners By Cpl. Byron O. Barker, Pvt. F. A. Valeroni, Cpl. Ward Mccabe, Lt. Sam C. Mecle Jr., Pvt. Steve Clensos

     Sinatra By Pvt. Barney Kirk, S/Sgt. W. C. Prows

     War By Cpl. Harry G. Shipman

     Gripe On Gripers By Pfc. H. Chamberlin, Pvt. Ralph Ebert

     Unlucky Name By 2d Lt. Ralph J. Luckey

     Honor By Cpl. Lester E. Dolan

     Obvious Boner By Lt. A J. Rutshaw

     States’ Sons In Service By Sgt. John C. May

     Portents of Victory

Warm Spot for Chili

Names in the News

Odds & Ends Dept.

The Sad Sack “All Wet” By Sgt. George Baker

Strictly GI

     West Point

     $10 War Bond

     Pre-Shipping Furloughs

     Combat Wounded

     War Trophies

     The Women

Washington O.P.

News From Home

Yank Pin-up Girl: Jeanne Crain

The Poets Cornered

     The Heroes By Pvt. Rudy Bass

     This Is Alaska By Pfc. J. Franklin Young

     Bar, Mosquito By Sgt. F. H. Boslett

     The Overmen By Pvt. Herbert H. Brin

     In The Sun By Cpl. Sarge D. Sterling

Sports Parade

Sports: Help Yourself To A Quote As The Great Minds Speak By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record

YANK Cartoons