YANK PG 1944 03 29 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 33 ……. Beachhead Action Stories: Italy and the Marshalls ……. Cover: A Jeep for a King ….. When the Shahinshah of Iran made his recent inspection trip of an American camp here he rode in a jeep for the first time in his life. The little “puddle jumper” fascinated the royal visitor. A few days later Major General Donald H. Connolly, Commanding Officer, P.G.C., presented the Shahinshah with a jeep on behalf -of the United States Government. Sgt. Clyde Walstead of Minneapolis, Minn, was assigned as the Shahinshan’s instructor. In the picture he is explaining the jeep gear situation to His Imperial Majesty while General Connolly looks on. “His Majesty caught on fast,” says the dogface instructor, and he is mighty proud of that jeep.” Before entering the army Sgt. Walstead ran a garage in Minneapolis.