YANK PG 1943 11 17 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 14 ……. A Nine-Month Detail on the Greenland Icecap ……. Cover: Indian troops guard the United Nations supply line to Russia through the Persian Gulf Service Command.. The cover photograph shows an encampment on a mountain pass where the boys are going through a dry run. From the looks of them, they’ll be ready to give a warm welcome just in case any Axis-minded characters try to pull a fastie in their neighborhood. They live in British-style pyramidal tents even in the cold of the mountain and keep fit with calisthenics, drill and soccer. Their parade ground manner is a sight to see as they go through the older British version of ”To the Rear, March” with clocklike precision. The Indians are; tough soldiers, strictly obedient to their Indian and British officers and fearless in a scrap.