YANK PAD 1944 03 10 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 38 ……. Cover : Eniwetok CP – This advance CP of the 106th Infantry was set up on Eniwetok within several hours from the time the first infantrymen had landed and Sgt. John A. Bushemi snapped the picture the morning of the first day ashore. Note the “walkie-talkie” being used by the man at the right. ……. Fabulous Honolulu: Home Town in Wartime ……. Articles Inside:

“They’re Underground…Get the Sonsabitches!” – Japs on Eniwetok Let Advance Units of the 106th Infantry Pass, Then Fought Fiercely and Died Violently in Hundreds of Well Camouflaged Holes Behind the American Lines. By Sgt. Merle Miller

Dudley Wintergreen in the Pacific

YANK Pin-up Girl: Gene Tierney

Tito’s Army – The small band of freedom-loving Yugoslav men and women who started a brave fight with captured weapons against the Nazi invaders three years ago has now grown into an efficient machine of 300,000 Partisan troops. By Sgt. Walter Bernstein

What goes on in your home state

Honolulu: Home Town in Wartime – The people of Honolulu are just as misty-eyed as ever, but they’ve turned their Ivory tower into a bastion of steel. By Cpl. Bill Reed

GI Mike ( Photo Report on Armed Forces Radio Service Entertainment )

Battle Broadcast – While the 106th Waited Its Turn To Land On Eniwetok, It Heard a Blow-by-Blow Description of the Battle’s Early Stages. By Sgt. Merle Miller

Valiant Attempt of a Chicago Tovarich to Uphold the Tradition in Iran by Cpl. James P. O’Neill

The Old Timers – They were big stars when you were knee high to a jeep. Today they still crave action and get it. ( Photo Report )

Nurses Under Fire In Italy

Mail Call

Strictly GI

News From Home