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Vol. 2 No. 37 ……. Cover : New Guinea Paratrooper – This rough, tough and heavily burdened soldier is Pvt. Richard M. Moore of Baltimore, Md., attached to a Parachute Infantry regiment in New Guinea. He is pictured wearing full equipment before boarding a plane. Paratroopers in New Guinea were used with notable success in capturing Lae. ……. WHY AN AIR EDITION? … This week’s Pacific Edition of YANK is 40 per cent smaller than the issues you have been receiving, but the material it contains is exactly the same as in the larger Pacific Edition. We are printing this smaller air edition of YANK in Honolulu because we have been unable to get enough airplane space to send YANK each week to all our readers in the islands south of Honolulu. The reason for the small-size YANK is simply a matter of mathematics. We can now send every island in our Pacific Circulation area 40 per cent more YANKs each week. ……. AAF Mechanics – Miracle Men of Mechanical Surgery ……. Articles Inside:

Modern Living on a Beachhead in Bougainville By Sgt. Barrett McGurn. Artwork by Robert Greenhalgh

Dudley Wintergreen in the Pacific

YANK Pin-up Girl: Chili Williams

275,000 Ratings By Sgt. Ray Duncan

Barracudas – The First Outfit of Negro Marines is Itching For Action. By Sgt. Robert G. Ryan

News From Home – What Goes on in Your Own Home State

Air Force Mechanics – When they have to work without spare parts and equipment near the front, service squadron men like Sgt. Manley in Italy perform miracles of mechanical surgery every day. By Sgt. Burtt Evans

Center-Fold Map of Central Europe & The Mediterranean

The Sad Sack by Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

Raiding the Marshalls Was Plenty Tough But Talking About It Was Tougher. By Sgt. Hobert Skidmore

In This Corner…A Half Dozen Champs

Sports: Life is Rough in Iran for this Umpire Lover. By Cpl. James P. O’Neill

How To Vote In the State Elections

What goes on in the Entertainment World back home

Mail Call

Strictly G.I.

News From Home

Like Shooting Fish in a Barrel