YANK MD 1945 09 14 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 29 … Russian Partner ……….. The mystery of the American dance step is being solved for a hesitant Russian Wac by Pvt. Edmund Kosek of Buffalo, N.Y., during a shindig held for the 2d Armored Division in Berlin.

Articles in this Issue:

“How soon OUT?” — The answer to the biggest question on any GI’s mind is still iffy. YANK assembles here the best dope at the time of going to press on what the WD plans. / By Sgt. H. N. Oliphant

The Mighty Atom — From it science forged the war’s most fearful weapon, gave Japan the final blow and opened a new era of vast energy that can, man willing, be harnessed for peace. These six pages tell the story. / By Cpl. Jonathan Kilbourn

The Atomic Bomb / By Cpl. Jonathan Kilbourn

Atomic Bomb Away — (S/Sgt. George Caron, Capt. Robert A. Lewis, Col. Paul W. (Old Bull) Tibbets Jr., Capt. William S. Par­sons, Sgt. Joe Steiborik, Pfc. Richard H. Nelson, S/Sgt. Wyatt E, Duzenbury, Capt. Red (Dutch) Van Kirk, Maj. Tom W. Ferebee. Lt. M. U. Jeppson and Sgt. Bob Shumard) / By Robert Schwartz Y2c

Sultan of Sulu (Muhammad Janail Abirin II)/ Sketches By YANK’s Cpl. Joe Stefanelli

The Sad Sack “Peace at Last” / By Sgt. George Baker

Nothing a T/5 Can’t Do / By Cpl. Leon H. Dickstein

A Day at the Beach / By Sgt. William May

GI Poets

Nocturne / By T/5 Stan Flink

Battalion of the Dead / By Cpl. O. Arthur Hertell

MTO-ETO Track Meet — It was close all the way but-ETO won, 69 to 54, despite Pfc. Bill Dillard, MTO’s one-man Team. (Sgt. Pete White, Pfc. William Dillard, 1st Lt. Gerald Karver, Sgt. Mozel Ellerbee, W/O Joe Tossi, Pfc James Tucker, Sgt. Bob Lewis and Capt. John Sullivan, Ezzard Charles, Larry Cisneros, Bob Berry, S/Sgt. Peter Watkins, M/Sgt. Lloyd Crable, S/Sgt. Knowles and Sgt. Davies RAF) / By Sgt. Len Zinberg

Separation / By Cpl. Martin S. Day

Mail Call

For A Peace-time Draft / By Sgt. Samuel Gogol

Sad Sack’s Assignment / By Pfc. Fred Lawry

Encourage EM / By M/Sgt. A. A. Wiebe

Army of occupation / By Sgt. F. J. M.

Frontline Credit / By Pfc. William R. Zion

Negro Soldiers / By Sgt. Victor H. Tynes And S/Sgt. Charles S. Bowen

Nuts! / By T/5 F. O. Hebling

Officer Privileges

Lessons for Nazis / By Cpt. Armand Leuba

Allies / By Gnr. V. G. Jerram

Red Cross Hospitality / By Pfc. Chris Dawson

Left-over Food

Pilsen Torture / By Pfc. Michael Oliver

PX Prices / By Cpl. J. J. Buttitta

German Labor / By Sgt. Richard C. Dreir

Italian Bravery / By Pfc. George Leek

Vacation on Capri (T/5 Jack O. Roberts) / Photos By Cpl. Sim Braguin

Yanks at Home Abroad

(Cpl. Emma Newell and Pvt. Helen Sellers)

Dream Cruise (Jo Ann Trebbe and T-4 Robert Diehl) / By Sgt. Georg Meyers

Danish Jive / By Cpl. Howard Katzander

Almost Homecoming / By Sgt. Don Cooke

Posterity Defied / By Sgt. John Mcleod

Really Ready Room / By Cpl. James Goble

Montana On Guam / By Pvt. Bob Block

Dog Accumulation / By Sgt. Dale Kramer

Saltwater Gypsies — Medical Transports’ Staff (T/5 Leroy Burden, S/Sgt. Arthur L. Ravitt, T-5 Ramey O. Good, T-5 Paul M. Otteson, S/Sgt. John J. Kelleher, T-5 Henry A. (Blimp) Blumka, T-5 Edward A. Rogers, Ramey Good, Pfc. Irving D. Fogg and Pfc. Amos H. Russell) / By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers

YANK Cartoons

YANK Pin-Up Girl – Elaine Shepard