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Vol. 2 No. 28 … Mississippi River Picture Story. ……….. A Nostalgic sight for many a GI is this fishing scene on the Mississippi River near Owensboro, Ky. The Kids use rods and reel instead of the old pole, line and cork. See pages 10-13 for a picture story of the Mississippi in wartime by Sgt. George Aarons.

Articles in this Issue:

Prisoner of the Japs — An Aussie private, rescued with his fellow PWs by a U.S. sub, tells how life was in the hell of Jap jungle prison camps where Allied GIs had to help build a railroad for the Emperor. (Pvt. James L. Boulton) / By Sgt Bill Reed

Fraternization — It means different things to different GIs, but whatever it means, the edict banning it didn’t work in occupied Germany.

Up The Mississippi — Four page photo story (Bill Welch, Ben Yates, Capt. Tom R. Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sullivan, Sgt. And Mrs. Ed Van Dyne and Capt. Mary B. Greene) / By Sgt. George Aarons

GI Farm Loan — Roy Hayes, ex-private, decided to use his privileges under the GI Bill of Rights to buy a farm. It wasn’t easy, but now he has 100 acres, a bungalow, a barn and a chicken house. (Eslie Ray Hayes, Wilburn Satterwhite, William Oscar Irvin, Matthew Gartwright and Joy Belle / By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

Souvenir Sketches of Florence / By YANK’s Cpl. David Shaw

“Chow Baby” — / By Sgt. Len Zinberg

The Sad Sack “Conflicting Campaigns” / By Sgt. George Baker

GI Poets

The Bridge / By Sgt. Keith B. Campbell

Field Conditions / By Pvt. Barney August

Le Havre, 1945 / By Pfc. J. T. Waterhouse

Haunted Spring / Sgt. Kathleen Nealis

The Bloody Mild / By S/Sgt. Bob Stuart McKnight

No Casualties / By Cpl. Hargis Westerfield

Lines On Impermanence / By Sgt. Harold Applebaum

I Will Turn Home / By Sgt. R. A. Larsen

The Work Of The Seasons / By Sgt. Carlyle Oberle

Beer Ration In New Guinea / By Pvt. Jack H. Steinmann

Nightfall / By Pvt. Littleton Todd

Mail Call

Bonus / By Pfc. Alfred F. Dunn, George G. Robinson, S1c, S/Sgt. A. J. Schuyler, Cpl. Robert S. Coreyl And Sgt. James C. Austin

Jobs for Nisei / By Sgt. Daniel Niederman

VFW / By Pfc. Michael Coleman

Combat Badge / By Pfc. Thos. M. Cox

No Diapers

Stopping the Draft / By Cpl. Ira Brent and S/Sgt. H. G. Mitchell

Emergency Furlough / By Pfc. D. A. Duggan

What’s Your Problem?

Reenlistment / By M/Sgt. John B. Terry

Presumption of Innocence

Officers’ Leave / By Maj. Frank Speir

Schooling and Job Rights / By Pfc. Stanley Clingan

Army of Occupation / By S/Sgt. George D. Conrad

Voting In State Elections This Fall

Home Towns in Wartime: Manhattan / By Sgt. Sanderson Vanderbilt

Baseball Round-Up / By Sgt. Bill Estoff

The Soldier Speaks: Do you expect any trouble getting a postwar job?

Things to Consider / By Pfc. David Storch

Full Employment / By Sgt. Bernard W. Lohbauer

Government Projects / By Pfc. A. S. Tabachnick

Make Jobs Secure / By Pvt. Isidore Goodman

Simple Arithmetic / By Pvt. Robert M. Brewer
Too Old for Peace? / By T/4 Edward D. Russeu

YANK Cartoons

YANK Pin-Up Girl – Jeanne Crain