YANK MD 1945 08 31 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 27 … How the States Greeted News of War’s End. ……….. It may be necessary to tell some of you who haven’t seen one in a long time that this is a suit, American style, of a man’s civilian clothes. The picture was made by YANK’s Sgt. Ben Schnall who would much rather wear the suit than photograph it.

Articles in this Issue:

VJ Day Back Home — The Nation went on bender that made V-E Day seem like a sun-day school picnic and overshad­owed Armistice Day of 1918.

President at Potsdam — The GI guards at the “Little White House” liked Harry Truman, griped about VIP privileges and made quick friends with the Russians. (Fred Canfil, Pvt. Floyd Jenkins, Pfc. Mike Smith, Sgt. Harry Truman, S/Sgt. Eugene List, Cpl. John Tuohy, S/Sgt. Max Adams, Sgt. E. F. Radigan, Pvt. Dale Horner, Pfc. Clint Evans, Joseph Davies, Cpl. Wallace Calvin and Cpl. Floyd Stewart) / By Sgt. De Witt Gilpin

Cease Fire Sale — Don’t count on buying a jeep or PT boat just yet. Uncle Sam already has buyers—in Italy. / By Cpl. Len Zinberg

How do you feel about the Americans leaving Italy? — The question was put to six girls in Rome by YANK photographers Pfc. Werner Wolff and Cpl. Charles James. (Maria Luisa Giorgi, Mara Lopez, Marisa Carotenuto, Maria-Letizia Crostarosa, Anna Berni and Luigina Marziale)

Life In Vienna — About half the buildings in the once-grand capital have been bombed, and the rubble still lies in the streets. The hungry people scavenge, like this old woman above, for food, fuel, anything useful. Photos of the city under Four Power occupation were taken by YANK’s Sgt. Don Breimhurst.

British Election — The election which put Attlee in power resembled the U.S. system in strategy, but tactics were as different as bitters is from beer. / By Sgt. James Dugan

The Sad Sack “Sightseers” / By Sgt. George Baker

Chappie of the Phils (Ben Chapman) / By Sgt. Tom Shehan

Mail Call

New Vet Groups / By Pfc. Martin A. Watkins and Capt. M. Monroe

Marry American / By Mrs. D. V. Buckett

APO Again / By Pfc. Stanley Oscar

Hitler’s Financiers / By T/5 R. N. Prieth

WMC vs EM / By T/3 Eigel H. Madsen

Overseas Bar / By Pvt. Mike Setaro

Strictly Private / By 2d Lt. Marvin H. Jacobs, Lt. James Hauties and Lt. Bruce C. Forester

GI Wives Overseas / By Pfc. H. Herman Tietz and Cpl. C. Crawford

Officers—and Lieutenants / By 1st Lt. Edward J. Nolan

Learning to Fly / By Sgt. Roger M. Lopez and Pfc. W. Hickman

Want Ad / By T/Sgt. Capretz

Charlie — People on the Home Front (Charlie Mitchell) / By Cpl. Margaret Davis

DP Dietrich — Back home after 18 months Marlene has enough points for discharge, but she still wants to go to the Pacific. (Lin Mayberry) / By Sgt, Al Hine

The Last 125 Days — They were packed with historical significance, but they left the nation’s nervous system in a terrible condition.

War Memorial — The people of Blytheville, Arkansas, knew all about elaborate monuments like the one in St. Louis, but they hit on something different to keep alive the memory of their war dead. Theirs is a living memorial, a community experiment in understanding. (Pfc. J.C. (Jake) Privett) / By Sgt. Bill Davidson

YANK Pin-Up Girl – Audrey Totter