YANK MD 1945 08 24 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 26 … Next To Go ……….. The Jap on YANK’s cover this week is nameless. He is the tough guy, the typical Japanese soldier who swore by his ancestors he’d defeat the Americans or die. Like most Japanese soldiers he is probably still alive and Japan has lost the war.

Articles in this Issue:

Conquest of Japan — Photo Report Pages 2, 3, 6 & 7.

Pacific Victory — This map shows the important stages in our 3½-year war with the Japs. Numbers refer to photographs on Pages 2, 3, 6 & 7.

VJ Day in Rome — When news of the Jap surren­der hit Rome, few people got excited. The GIs talked about going home, the Romans smiled. / By Sgt. Len Zinberg

Aviation Jobs — Employment in the manufactur­ing end is due for a postwar nose­dive, but there will be openings in other phases of the business. / By Sgt. Sanderson Vanderbilt

Germany’s Steep Road — The land is scattered with the wreckage of the New Order that fell inward on its rotten core, and the remnants of the Wehrmacht come back to streets patrolled by Russian, Yank and British uniforms. Slowly, some Germans are learning of their past guilt and their present problems. (Bernhard Schaefer, Capt. Wade H. Wrobel, 1st Sgt. Theodore Wrobel and Herman Ziller) / By Cpl. Debs Myers

Holiday in Switzerland — GIs from Italy become civilians again on an eight-day vacation through the beautiful Swiss Alps. (S/Sgt. Robert Katz) / By Sgt. Harry Sions

Viennese Hangover — It’s the same old story in Vienna, where everybody hated Nazis and hoped the Americans had come to drive the Russians away. / By Cpl. Ira H. Freeman

The Sad Sack “First Class Accommodations” / By Sgt. George Baker

My Dog Rover / By Sgt Ray Duncan

Lady Soldier / By Sgt. Len Zinberg

What’s Your Problem?

Foreign Bride / By T/Sgt. Clyde Jordan

Insurance Protection / By T/Sgt. Jack Sonnett

Mustering-out Pay / By Cpl. Herman Schultz

Housing Loan / By Pvt. Paul A. Rumsey

Purple Heart / By Pvt. Charles L. Bourgoyne

Mail Call

Dirty Shows / By Pfc. Wm. M. Collins

Generals and War / By S/Sgt. Philip W. Mantor

RHIP / By Sgt. T. J. McQuillen

Italian People / By Dr. Libero Salme and Alberto Minoliti

Japanese-Americans / By S/Sgt. Leon Wars

Intolerance at Home / By Pfc. Walter L. Kirschenbaum

Rescue from Shangri-La – A Wac corporal, a tech sergeant and a looey survived a plane crash and spent 45 days in Dutch New Guinea’s Hidden Valley before their rescue. (1st Lt. John McCollom, T/Sgt. Kenneth Decker, Wac Cpl. Margaret Hastings, Col. Ray T. Elsmore, S/Sgt. Ben­jamin C. Bulatao, Cpl. Camilo Ramirez, Capt. Cecil E. Walters and Alex Cann) / By Sgt. Ozzie St. George

Davis Cup Prospects (Some of the future Davis Cup contenders who competed recently in the Eastern Junior Championships at Forest Hills, N.Y. the runner-up, Richard Savitt, Fred B. Smith, Jr., Herbert Flam, Californian youngster who won the tournament, Hugh Stewart and the Mathey brothers, Dean and McDonald) / By Sgt. Tom Shehan

YANK Pin-up Girl – Ella Raines