YANK MD 1945 08 03 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 23 … Back to the States ……….. 1st Armored Division GI goes up gangplank to board troop transport for home. YANK Staff Photographer Sgt. Don Breimhurst took this picture in crowded Naples harbor as this tankman, followed by a Nisei of the 442d – and hundreds of other GIs – hurried aboard for the 11 day voyage home. Other pics, pages 10 -12

Articles in this Issue:

War For Oil — One of the biggest prizes of the early Jap offensives in the Pacific was the rich oil land of the Netherlands East Indies. Now Yanks and Aussies are winning it back to help supply the tremendous needs of the Tokyo-bound Allied war machine. / By Sgt. Dale Kramer

Maedchen In Uniform — German SS women in PW camps hate their American captors, still believe the Nazi nonsense and want to go back to Germany / By Sgt. George Barret

The Picture Business — War-time restrictions result in sets made from chewing gum and glue, but cameras bravely continue to grind out epic after epic. / By Pvt. James P. O’Neill

Overland to Davao — It was a rough road and a long one and at the end there were still Japs to be rooted out, but Yanks took and held the last major Jap stronghold. (Pfc. John Holt, Pvt. James Carney and M/Sgt. Alfred Sousa)/ By Sgt. John McLeod

Going Home — by boat (T/4 Alfred E. Last and Pft. John Snider)

Going Home — by plane (Pvt. Charles McCarthy) / Photos by Sgt. Don Breimhurst

Issue Girl Friend (Margie Stewart) / By Cpl. John Haverstick

The Sad Sack “Strictly Private” / By Sgt. George Baker

A Visit to Pontedera / By Sgt. Meyer L. Stein

Welcome Home / By Sgt. Len Zinberg

Mail Call

Italian People / By 1st Lt. C. Gochis

Fraternization / By Sgt. Jacob Vandervate

Max Schmeling / By Lt. Martin Greenberg

Our Uniform / By 2nd Lt. William T. Walters

10-in-1 Cigarettes / By Pvt. A. L. Thornbell

Bags for Pin-Ups / By Pvt. James E. Giabret and Pvt. Richard C. Wilson

Discharge Pin / By Frank M. Lefor

Red-baiting / By Sgt. N. M. Greene

Movies / By Cpl. Ken Robinson

Furlough Pay / T/3 Wilson Waring

The New Army

American Womanhood

Alaska Not Overseas / By Sgt. Pete Moss

The Next Champ / By Cpl. Mario Graham

Railroad Men / By Sgt. George A. Finn

He Likes It / by William E. Donahue ARM1c

The United Nations – Structure and Function — How Security Council would operate against an aggressor

The Soldier Speaks: Do you like what you see in the movies?

Are You Kidding? / By T/5 Martin H. Slobodkin

Misplaced Halos / By Pfc. Leonard Vilinsky

Make It Real / By Pvt. Edward Frank

Listen to the Soldiers / By Cpl. Ray Lowery

Hollywood Innocence / By Cpl. Herbert Joffee

The High Horse / By S/Sgt. Gabe Sanders

People on the Home Front (Ruth Moss) / By Sgt. Bill Davidson

Stratford-on-the-Beam / By Cpl. Edmund Antrobus

Sewell’s Choice (Luke Sewell) / By Cpl. Tom Shehan

YANK Pin-up Girl – Sheila Ryan