YANK MD 1945 07 20 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 21 … Blacksmith in Lololand … Has the Army’s Infantry Training Improved? ……….. The GI taking a horse by the hoof is T-4 Norman Skala, a blacksmith from Elgin, Ill. He is in a detachment of soldiers who are assigned to buy horses from the Lolos in China. Story and more pictures on pages 8, 9 and 10.

Articles in this Issue:

The Nisei Problem – The government has checked and double-checked these citizens of Jap descent, but some West Coast neighbors don’t want them to come home. (Takeyoshi Arikawa, Hitoshi Nitta, Pvt. Eichi Yamagata, Lt. Roy Corry Jr., Ginzo Nakada, Pfc. Saburo Nakada, Yoshio Nakado, Pvt. Noboru N. Kaneko, S/Sgt. Lloyd A. Taylor, S/Sgt. Harry J. Swartz and Pvt. Manuel R. Costello) / By Pvt. James P. O’Neill

They Can’t Go Home Again… — Nisei infantrymen are counting on help from Fifth Army GIs when they go home and start fighting racial hatred. (442d, Lt. Col. Jack E. Conley, 1st Lt. William H. Wolf, S/Sgt. George Tanaka, Cpl. Samuel Sasai, 1st Sgt. Albert K. Kariya and Sgt. Roy Uyeda) / By Cpl. George Barrett

Plane Ride Home – Battle Wounded and Prisoners of the Germans Leave Scotland on a flight for the States. (Capt. Joseph G. Stone, T/4 John H. McKim, Lt. Sylvia Roth, Lt. James Pollitt, Pfc. Donald Ackroyd and Lt. Douglas C. Campbell) / By Sgt. Saul Levitt

GI Horse Traders – They trade for horses with the Lolos, who’d rather fight than eat. (Sgt. William Selph, Maj. Earl Ritter, T/4 Norman Skala and Maj. Charles Ebertz) / By Cpl. Jud Cook

Wildcat R.R. — Alaska White Pass & Yukon Route (T/5 Robert Giddings and T/5 Paul Holroyd)

GIs in the Middle East (Sketches by David Shaw)

Kamikaze – The USS Newcombe managed to bring down the first Jap suicider and dodge the second. The third plane connected and left the crippled destroyer easy prey for two more hits. With all power and communications knocked out, the tin can still survived. / (Commander Ira McMillian, Richard Hiltburn SM3c, Jesse Fitzgerald SM1c, Joseph Piolata WT2c, Arthur McGuire GM1c, Donald Keeler MM2c, Donald Newcomer WT1c, Malcom Giles MM3c, Lt. David Owens, Lt John McNeil, Edward Redding QM3c, Earl Sayre CPhM, Lt. Charles Gedge, torpedomen Richard Mehan, Richard Spencer and Joseph Zablotny)  / By Evan Wylie, SP1c (PR) USCGR

Pale Hands They Love (YANK Fiction) / By S/Sgt. Fred J. Ostler

Ain’t Nobody Here But us Sergeants (YANK Fiction) / By Sgt. Ray Duncan

The Sad Sack “3 Day Pass” / Sgt. George Baker

Mail Call

Points and More Points / By Pfc. Henry J. Becker, S/Sgt. Ronald T. Sebold, Cpl. Paul G. Raymer, Sgt. Victor Hefferin, Pfc. Paul Organ, S/Sgt. Irwin Porges and Pvt. Fred M. Glass

Triple Rations / By Cpl. Tom Lyster

Enlisted Bombardiers / By Lt. L. C. Reidy and Pfc. R. E. Hensley

Furlough Pay / By T/3 Wilson Waring

Marriage Refresher / By T/5 John D. Pressly

What’s Your Problem?

Dependents and Points / By Pfc. Thomas B. Crown

Playwrights / By S/Sgt. Richard Kramer

Insurance Beneficiaries / By Pvt. Joseph W. Bell

Soldier’s Debts / By S/Sgt. Len B. Brownlee

Former Bookie

Palio of Siena (Italy) — Photo Story by Sgt. Donald Breimhurst

Basic Training Today – It’s only a 15-week course, but it’s more complete and better taught than it used to be four years ago. / By Sgt. Walter Bernstein

Them Pre-war Dodgers — Frank Graham’s complete history of the Bums from 1883 to Branch Rickey mixes plenty of anecdotes with its collection of important facts, figures and frolics. / By Sgt. Joe McCarthy

YANK Cartoons

YANK Pin-up Girl – Evelyn Ankers