YANK MD 1945 07 06 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 19 … Cassino Bound ……….. A little Italian girl washes up at Naples Station while her kid brother waits to be lifted up to gondola car taking the family to Cassino. Civilians use open-type cars for short trips because closed boxcars are being used for redeployment troops. Other Italian rail scenes pp. 12-13.

Articles in this Issue:

Ordeal at Okinawa — At night the enemy comes out of his caves and pillboxes to prowl and infiltrate. And the soldiers and marines who sit up and stay awake to welcome him are always glad to see the first light of dawn. (Sgt. Bill House, S/Sgt. Ludas, Pfc. Donald Nordgren, Sgt. Richard Stickly, T/5 Gurch, Pfc. Kirby, Pfc. Norman Shriner, Sgt. Thomas, Pfc. McCurdy, Pfc. Major, Cpl. Paul Stewart, Pfc. Spencer Klatt, Lt. Brown, Pfc. Donald Houghtaling, Lt. Buenos Young, Lt. John Tuthill, Lt. Davis Curtis, Corpsman George Perrault, Lt. R. Leroy Robertson, Pfc. Junior Howell, Cpl. Alex Worden, Floyd Harvey, Cpl. Daniel Sullivan and Sgt. John Spelce) / By Evan Wylie, SP1c (PR) USCGR

Frankie Visits Rome — The Sinatra Show

Backwash of War — For countless thousands in Europe the war’s end brought many difficult, strange, bitter problems.

The Wanderers / By Pfc. Ira Freeman

Brenner Lifeline / By Sgt Harry Sions

“… Nothing Left To See”

Million-Dollar Billet

New Caledonian Chicken Farm (Lt. Harold H. Stephens, Sgt. William Steed, Sgt. Joseph Perry, Pvt. John Slay, Pfc. Lawrence Weeks, Pvt. Joseph Walker, Pvt. Paris Linville Jr., and Pvt. Myron Hart)

Pvt. McQuire, E. Co. Nazi Slave — A rifleman from the 34th Division, who was captured near Faid Pass in Tunisia, talks about his two years and three months as a prisoner of the Nazis. (Pvt. James McQuire) / By Sgt. Mack Morriss

Manila Myrtle — When this poor man’s Tokyo Rose included “Fight on for Old Notre Dame” on her propaganda program, her sponsors didn’t like it. / By Sgt. Ozzie St. George

Rome Express — Photo story of 9-hour Naples to Rome haul by YANK’s Cameraman Sgt. Don Breimhurst

Ex-GIs in College — The 23,478 discharged servicemen already back in college are running into plenty of personal problems and have started a big controversy among university officials about how they should be handled but generally speaking they’re making out fine. (Pvt. Harold Baumgarten, Ethel Yates, Winthrop Ranney, James Gaynor, Mario Giannini, Elwood C. Kastner, Joe Mankovitz, Ed Wood, Lt. Walter Eaton, Aaron Smith, James Higgins, Joseph Trotter, James F. Clyne, Zens Smith, Si Wygodny and Si Scharer) / By Sgt. Bill Davidson

The Sad Sack “Home, Sweet Home” / Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

Undesirable Discharge

Pet Dog / By Pvt Miles Meyerson

Bad Time Pay

The Voice / By H. H. Haig S1c

Discharge Button

Mail Call

We Came As Conquerors? / By T/5 John H. Jacobson, Pfc. K. D. Houchens, Pfc. Lionel Ruberg, Pfc. Richard E. Dilworth and S/Sgt. R. Patowski

Illegitimate Babies / By Cpl. Richard H. Synder Jr.

Sweet—and Sour / By Cpl. John E. Maass and Vlademaro Conazzi

Military Training / By Cpl. Anthony Scarangello

Bald-Headed Bastards

GIs and San Francisco / By Pfc. Clyde D. Brandow

Japs / By Pfc. George A. Loudis, Cpl. N. Logoyke and Sgt. Dan Kennerly

German Jews

Golf / By S/Sgt. C. S. Weathersby

Fan Mail / By Tieri Ottavio

Texas Hospitality / By T/Sgt. Johnnie D. Fullilove

No Sweetheart He / By T/4 Nancy Grant

Funafuti Sketches — Life on a Pacific Island sketches by Sgt. Art Weithas

Baseball’s New Czar — Happy Chandler, a star pitcher in college, holds Senate seat while preparing for the job of solving baseball’s headaches. / By Cpl. Tom Shehan

The Soldier Speaks: What causes war between nations and what can be done to prevent it?

A Higher Interest / By S/Sgt. A. R. Kinitzer

Moral Conduct and Peace / By Sgt. Thomas F. Troy

Our Responsibility / By Sgt. James Rice

Stop and Think / By Pvt. Charles Kolber

The Rights of Man / By Pfc. William Q. Keenan

National Sovereignty / By Pfc. Verne E. Edwards

Voters Against War / By Pfc. Morris Goldman

YANK Cartoons

YANK Pin-up Girl – Ann Miller