YANK MD 1945 06 08 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 15 … The 1st Division – From Fort Devens to Germany ……….. Thirsty Pfc. Grant Crawford of Moline, Ill., found the going cooler and smoother in Germany after he drank beer out of a German stein. He is an engineer with the 26th Infantry Division.

Articles in this Issue:

Sweet Deal in Trieste – The city was tense and GIs of the 91st had wonderful orders: get around, make friends, have fun. / By Pfc. Ira H. Freeman

Jap Hunt on Saipan – Fighting in the Pacific often goes on long after an island has been “secured.” Japs still hide out in the hills of Saipan, living off the country, and U.S. Infantry patrols still ferret them out of their holes. (Lt. Robert E. Sprouce, S/Sgt. Turner L. Ross, Sgt. Charles Blackwell, Cpl. Frank Wright, Pfc. Luther Walker, Pfc. Joe Scale, Cpl. Roosevelt Brown, Pfc. James Colbert, Pfc. Eddie P. Stile, Pfc. Charles Jackman, S/Sgt. George McNeal and Cpl. “Ike” Miyamoto) / By Pfc. Justin Gray

The Red One – It took the men of the 1st Division three years to become veterans. They made the long journey from Fort Devens, Mass., to the plains of Germany with stop-overs on the way in North Africa and Sicily and England and in Normandy. Now they would like a taste of home. (T/Sgt. Lawrence Zieckler, T/Sgt. Max Bloom, T/Sgt. John Parker, S/Sgt. Josiah N. Barton, Sgt. Joseph Balazas, Capt. Maxie Zera, T/Sgt. John Beckett, S/Sgt. Ervin Kemke, Sgt. Alvin Wise, T/5 Claude Andrews and Pvt. William Hopkins) / By Sgt. Merle Miller

Road to China – Ledo-Burma Road  Photo Report (T/Sgt. Alvis Wheat, Gen. Pick, Cpl. Charles Robertson, T/5 Richard Barnett and S/Sgt. Robert Goodman) / By Sgt. Dave Richardson

Letter From Moscow / By T/Sgt. David M. White

The Sad Sack “Service With A Smile” / By Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

Family Allowance / Cpl. Thomas R. Williamson

Creditors and Insurance / By Pvt. Murray Reinsbeck

Writing Your Congressman / By S/Sgt. Frank Downey

Nude Photo

Combat Infantry Badge

Longevity Pay / By Pfc. Donald L. Hines

YANK Cartoons

Mail Call

Battle Stars / By Cpl. Joseph R. Miller, S/Sgt. Frank C. Campbell, Sgt. Lloyd Zeller, Lt. John Gregor and Cpl. Elson C. Strickland

More Points? / By Sgt. Arthur L. Robinson

“Golden” Alaska / By Pvt. G. P. Hackenbruck

Germany / By Pfc. Ned Davis

Japan / By Pfc. A. Henderson

“Frankie of La Kongo” / By Lt. Wm. G. Noble and T/Sgt. Charles Manlow

Pens for Clerks / By Cpl. Robert A. Shapiro

Nurses’ Complaint

Yes SIR! / By 2d Lt. John L. Lowden

Strictly GI

Cockfight in the Philippines – Cockfighting, illegally staged behind barns in the U.S., is popular with GIs on the islands. Sgt. Arthur Weithas of YANK took these photos of match between cocks owned by a GI and a Navy man at San Jose, Mindoro (Pfc. Delman Cather and Chief Earl Hensen) / By Sgt. Art Weithers

Steve, Joe and Mr. Harrison Salisbury (YANK Fiction) By Pfc. Robert P. Richmond

Home Towns in Wartime: Hollywood, Calif. – War industries have invaded the movie colony; the girls are still lovely but they’re just as likely to be welders now as film stars. / By Pvt. James P. O’Neill

Touster on Hospitals — Life in a GI ward as seen by Cpl. Irwin Touster

Sports: Joe Comes Back ( Joe Savoldi ) / By Cpl. Tom Shehan

YANK Pin-up Girl – Gene Tierney