YANK MD 1945 06 01 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 14 … Alps from Hitler’s WindowWhat GIs found at Fuehrer’s Berchtesgaden ……….. Two GIs of the 92d Signal were standing in silhouette against Adolf Hitler’s famous window at Berchtesgaden when YANK photographer Pfc. Werner Wolff took this picture of them looking out on the snow-covered Alps.

Articles in this Issue:

The House that Hitler Built — Like the Nazi myth, it lies in ruins. But the servants, like many German people, still think that the Fuehrer was a tin God. (Elly Danaf, Pvt. Clarence Overman, Pfc. William Crawford and T/5 George Liekhues) / By Sgt. Harry Sions

Veteran’s Business Loan — You don’t just go into the bank and get money under the GI Bill. Requirements are exacting, but interest is low. ( Jack Charley Breeden, Roger E. Taylor and James E. McGeary) / By Sgt. Barrett McGurn

Harry S. Truman — The new President knows about a veteran’s post-war problems. He had plenty of them when he came home from France in 1919. / By YANK Washington Bureau

Battlewagon off Iwo — Sketches and notes on the USS Tennessee / By Sgt. Jack Ruge

Demobilization — With victory in Europe the War Department tells us whether we are getting out of the Army – or shoving off across the Pacific.

The Sad Sack “Dispossessed” / By Sgt. George Baker

Box Score on Point System

Mail Call

The Germans / By Pfc. Joseph Miller and T/Sgt. Amos W. Schmidlapp

OSS Clerks / By Sgt. Elsa Wendy and Cpl. A.R. Bernard

Pessimist / By Sgt. W.R. Harlan

The 64 – Dollar One / By Capt. William Jacobs MC.

The War Goes On / By 2d Lt. E. Libresco

Husbands’ Rights / By Sgt. E. M. Castronovo

Victory in Europe

German Atrocities (Limburg Camp)/ By Sgt. Ed Cunningham

Buchenwald Camp / By Cpl. Harry Katzander

Ohrdruf Camp / By Sgt, Saul Levitt

Midnight Conference — In Germany’s last hour 16 Nazi officials meet at Berchtesgaden, mourn in their cups and recall Hitler’s gravest moments. / By Sgt. Harry Sions

YANK Cartoons

YANK Pin-up Girl – Barbara Bates