YANK MD 1945 04 20 (PDF)


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Vol. 2 No. 8 … Army Nurse … The Ninth Army’s Break-Through to the Rhine ……….. This is 1st Lt. Elizabeth Babarcik of New Cumberland, Ohio, now stationed on the Western Front. In the service for 19 months, she is one of thousands who rate very high with GIs for their work

Articles in this Issue:

Roer to Rhine — The speed of our advance was almost as much surprise to us as it was to the befuddled Jerries. (Capt. Horace Sutton, Eugene Hugo, Capt. George Kaminski, Capt. Bennett Pollard, Lt. Col. Tim Cook and Pfc. John Becraft) / By Sgt. Ralph G. Martin

Goebbels Lived Here — When GIs entered the home town of the Nazi propaganda minister they found him remembered, but without affection or respect. (Gustav Mollen, Cpl. Joe Finer, Capt. Manuel M. Poliakoff, Pfc. Armolda Reich and Cpl. Martin Willen) / By Cpl. Howard Katzander

Burma Hermits — Mail call comes only once a month, there’s never any pay day and the jungle is a worse enemy than the Jap. (T/Sgt. Fred Fegley, Sgt. Eugene Schultz, Cpl. Russell Higgerson, 1st Lt. Andrew La Bonte, S/Sgt. John L. De Chaine, Cpl. Dale Calderon and Pvt. George Karastamatis) / By Sgt. Walter Peters

Ryukyu Islands — The scene of our latest offensive in the Pacific, between Japan and Formosa, is inhabited by a people who never wanted to join Nippon.

Iwo: D+8 — A tour of the beach from the garrison atmosphere of one end to the bloody combat of the other. (Pvt. John W. Conloy, Sgt. Walter T. Edwards, Cpl. George T. Delta, Cpl. Floyd M. Barton, Pfc. Steve A. Trochek, Pfc. Darrell J. Farmer, Pvt. John R. Dober, Floyd M. Jenkins CPhM and Cpl. D. J. Mason) / By Sgt. Bill Reed

Variety Show — Produced by the Cameras of the World

Less Than A Minute — A pleasant, lazy afternoon on a U.S. carrier broke up in a hurry when four Jap Bettys tore in out of nowhere to launch an attack. (Roy M. Lyons CBM, James R. Alexander FC3c, Dodo Pappalardo F2c, Clermont Allen B2c and Roscoe Justus B3c) / By Cpl. James Cole

Atlantic Vs. Pacific — Sailors that have served on both oceans prefer the Atlantic; it’s safer now, the weather’s better, and shore liberty is best of all. (Tiny Herrington BM1c, Gordon Hasby S1c, Gerald Lindstrom MM1c, James Dillon MM3c, Bill Effingham FC2c, Charles Mahoney Y3c and  Kenneth McNally EM1c) / By Pfc. Justin Gray

The Sad Sack “Screen Credit” / By Sgt. George Baker

Braidwood, The Fight Manager / By Cpl. Tom Shehan

YANK Cartoons

Mail Call

For Yanks Only? / By Pfc. T. O. Henke Jr., and Pte M. Blacke

Why We Fight / By Pfc. Wesley T. Moon

“Kindly Let All—” / By Pfc. Morris Freedman

Signorine Italiano / By Cpl. Harry C. Collins, Sgt, C. H. Budge and T/4 Bob B. Martin

Silly Servicemen / By Pvt. Joseph Miller

Here You Are Lt. / By M/Sgt. T. G. Murphy, T/Sgt. B. A. Gaterud, Pvt. William F. Nivens, Pvt. Theodore E. Allen and Pvt. Ira D. Song

Uniform Regulations / By 1st Sgt. Robert Smith

Rotation / By Cpl. Frank A. Shaffer

Jobs for Officers / By Pvt. Charles Kolber

Latrine Guard / By Cpl. B. L. Jolley and Pfc. Donald Schmitt

On Censorship / By F. H. Austin, Capt. CH. C.

Women In Industry / By Sgt. G. Carlton Arnold, Pfc. Bernard Drima and Pvt. James A. Motin

People on the Home Front – Ben Rocklin

Why Ain’t They in Uniform? — Everybody overseas asks that about the young civilians at home. Here are a few of their answers to the big question. (Anthony Gentile, Stewart Kent, Fred E. Magee, Ernest Dube, James Dallas, Guido Lorenzo and Victor Gold) / By Cpl. Hyman Goldberg

Blimps — Text and Sketches by Cpl. Ernest Maxwell

The Reconversion of Sgt. McDougall (YANK Fiction) / By S/Sgt. Gordon Crowe

Spring Training – The major leagues again start practice up North, dreaming of old pre-war spring camps below the Mason and Dixon Line.

Sports — Ott looks at his opposition / By Cpl. Tom Shehan

Sports Service Record

YANK Pin-up Girl – Cindy Garner