YANK MD 1945 04 13 (PDF)



Vol. 2 No. 7
Swiss Guard and Friend … The Battle for Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima  Halberdier Hoseph Herzog of the Papal Swiss Guards chats with 6-year-old Angelo Aru, son of the technical chief of the Vatican City Radio. Herzog, a halberdier for the past 9 years, wears his formal breast-plate and centuries-old striped colored uniform worn during formal occasions. Photo by YANK’s Don Breimhurst.

Articles in this Issue:

Mount Suribachi … The scaling of this peak on Iwo was revenge for the humiliation of Green Beach. By Sgt. Bill Reed

Buck Rogers Platoon … Rocket gun crews in Italy work a new and incredible weapon; the 54-shell barrage is like something from the 21st Century. By Cpl. George Barrett

Dueren on the Roer … In the battle to cross the last water barrier before the Rhine, two infantry companies carried the main burden of the assault. By Sgt. Ed Cunningham

Roer Patrol … Before the final break-through that took Dueren, individual patrols did the delicate job of preliminary reconnaissance. By Sgt. Ralph Martin

Air OP … A field artillery pilot hovers in a “put-put” over Jerryland to direct our shells on the target. By Cpl. George Barrett

Swiss Guards … n spite of their medieval uniforms and traditions, they resemble our GIs in many ways. By Sgt. Harry Sions

Alaska Sweats It Out … Dogfaces on the mainland and in the Aleutian Chain watch the war go by on other fronts, stare out toward the Kuriles and wonder if there’s anything cooking. By Cpl. John H. Haverstick

The Sad Sack  “Organization” / By Sgt. George Baker

What’s Your Problem?

YANK Cartoons

Mail Call

Strictly GI

Home Towns in Wartime – Pittsburgh, Pa.

YANK Fiction — the Adjustment of GI Joe / By Sgt. Ray Duncan — the Big Guy / By Sgt. Forrest McDonald

People on the Home Front — Arthur H. Vandenberg / By Pfc. Debs Myers

Persian Gulf vs. Middle East (Football Game at El Alamein Club)

Sports: Cornell’s Offer of Security Looked Good to McKeever / By Cpl. Tom Shehan

Sports Service Record

Yank Pin-up Girl : Jean Trent