YANK FE 1945 10 26 (PDF)




Vol. 3 No. 13
24 pages

Cover: A Picture Story of TVA

This scene shows a high-power TVA transmission line running through a Tennessee Valley rural area, symbolic of the benefits that have come from the world’s first attempt to develop, an entire region. / Cover by Sgt. George Aarons 

Articles Inside:

TVA ( Photo Report ) By Sgt. George Aarons and Sgt. Burgess Scott

Berlin Today – Occupied Berlin is the German problem in miniature. There are three armies of occupation, there are night clubs; there is hunger; and the winter will be tough. / By Sgt. Merle Miller

Dublin, Erie – American soldiers find a rare Gaelic welcome in the city by the Liffey, and the Irish are not beyond telling a GI on furlough what the States are like. / By Edmund Antrobus

Olympic Prospects / By Sgt. Tom Shehan ( Olympic Games Revival )

Insurance – Gl Life Insurance, what it is and what you can do with it after your discharge, has puzzled a lot of soldiers. Here YANK tries to untangle some knots. / By Sgt. Max Novack


The Sad Sack “Safety in Numbers” / By Sgt. George Burns

Fascinating Military Mysteries II – The Ghost on the U.S.S. Gnarf. / By Pfc. Charles Peterson

The Picnic of Cell Block 7 / By Sgt. James Dugan

Mail Call

Strictly GI

Small Business-Man on Luzon – Anecito Domingo was a jeweler and a furniture maker before the Japs came. Now he fashions stainless-steel watchbands for GIs and plans a new start in Liberated Tacloban. / By Sgt. Marion Hargrove

YANK Pin-up Girl: Frances Rafferty

Candy Jones / By Sgt Al Hine

YANK Cartoons