YANK FE 1945 04 20 (PDF)




Vol. 2 No. 38
How Infantrymen Beat the Japs in Zig Zag Pass ……. Cover: Money to Burn ….. Sgt. Silas Thomas of Stanfield, N. C., lights a cigarette with a 10-peso Jap invasion note. They found plenty of it on Corregidor where Thomas was with Company L of the 34th Infantry Regiment. / Photo by Art Weithas.
The cooks and clerks fend off Nazi attack; Hotton, Belgium
Remember Oran?
The battle for Zig Zag Pass – Bataan Highway 7; 34th and 38th Division
Night patrol in Italy – 91st Infantry Division; Russel McKelvey
Sweating It Out – 9th Infantry 2nd Division
Trapeze Act over Japan – B-29 American Maid,  Tim Krantz from Hickory Point, Tenn. Donald Wilson
Tomorrow’s telephone – GI portable communication equipment
Pin Up – Ingrid Bergman