YANK EU 1944 08 04 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 17
Italian Pilots … Closeup Of The Allied Drive In Normandy ……….. These three Italian pilots are members of the Italian Air Force in liberated Italy. Units of the Italian Air Force are playing an important part in the Allied war against the Nazis, furnish air support for the Italian Garibaldi Division fighting with Tito in Jugoslavia. ……….. Articles Inside:
Normandy Notes — Marks of battle are visible on all sides in liberated towns but they’re fast returning to normal. / By Cpl. John Preston
9th Division Cuts Peninsula
Tank Battle in Burma — They weren’t trained at Fort Knox, but these amateurs who manned the first General Shermans in the CBI put up a tough fight against the Japs. / By Sgt. Dave Richardson
Home Towns in Wartime – Chicago, Ill.
Fifth Army Doughboys — The Story of a Strictly Frontline Bakery Unit / By Sgt. James P. O’Neill
What about your Post-War Car? — Automobiles won’t be ultra-streamlined for a few years yet. / By Sgt. Ralph Stein
Typical GI? (Mrs. Charles W. Peers Jr.)
YANK’s Page of Laughs
The Soldier Speaks: “Should the U.S. Have Compulsory Military Training After the War?
Agent for Peace / By Sgt. Arvin Foster
A Citizen Army / By Pvt. Harold R. Newman
Schools for Soldiers / By Cpl. Wes Wise
Compete for Manpower / 1/Sgt Fred Dwyer
Home Is Where You Build It (Sgt. Boyd Clark, Cpl. George Bryden, Cpl. Milas Sabrowsky, M/Sgt. Ray Moyer, S/Sgt. Ely Crinzman, Cpl. George Dillow, Cpl. Tom Coward, Cpl. Gerard DuPont, Cpl. Hugh McBride, Cpl. Harry Knapp, T/Sgt. King Pettry, T/Sgt. Dick Lilles, Sgt. Dick Price, S/Sgt. Jim Finch, Sgt. John Waschak, Sgt. Melvin Schoenburger and S/Sgt. Gordon Yohann
Mail Call
Message Center
Books in Wartime (ASE I-241 thru I-270)
YANK Crossword Puzzle
The Sad Sack “All Wet” / By Sgt. George Baker
What’s Your Problem?
Lost Teeth / Pvt. Dominick Atrellia
Search and Seizure / Cpl. Ira Reichman
Army Nurse Subsistence / Pvt. Frank Johnson
Conscientious Objectors / Pvt. F.S.M.
American Theater Ribbon / Cpl. John Lee
1st Sgt. vs. M/Sgt. / T/Sgt. Vincent Dolich
American Superiority
Strictly GI
GI Bill of Rights
“Go for Broke”
Instalment Bond-Buying
Transfers to Infantry
Invasion Casualties
Eastern Front Score
Washington OP
Sports Parade
Sports: Meet Danny Gardella, The Super Screwball / By Sgt. Dan Polier
Sports Service Record
Letter from Home
What do you think of American soldiers? ( Edna Hindie, Barbara Charalambous, Anne Fanning, Margaret Yazbek, Aziza Shoukry and Queenie O’Hanian)
Molto Traffico (Pvt. Irwin Touster caricaturist)
YANK Pin-Up Girl – Angela Greene