YANK EU 1944 07 07 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 15
B-17 Mascot … Nonstop Offensive Rolls Through Tuscany ……….. Adolph, part Dachshund mascot of a B 17 Fortress crew with the MAAF based in Italy, waits for gunner T/Sgt. Stephen Sweeny of New York City to zip on his flying boots. Adolph has a special built oxygen mask for high altitudes, already has chalked up 400 hours flying time, and goes with the big bomber on all missions. ……….. Articles Inside:
Tuscany: The New Front – Spotlight of war turns on great center of culture
Map of France
Normans Greet U.S. Troops
A Report on British Middle East Forces / By Sgt. Jack Denton Scott
YANK’s Page of Laughs
Mail Call
“Don’t Cry, Little Kraut” / By Sgt. C. N. Laskaris, Pvt. Bing Hanley and T-4 M. Blattstein
Airborne Infantry Bonus / By Pvt. S. J. Kaczor, Sgt Guy Calley and Pvt. Leo Delcambre
GI Proverbs / By Sgt. James M. Redding and Cpl. Austin C. Wehrwein
Dodds’ Autograph / By Lt. H. Overback
Drafting Women / By Cpl. Patrick T. McGinnity
Prohibition / By S/Sgt. Eddie Rice
General Confusion / T/Sgt. Nicholas G. Shaheen
GI Platform / By Sgt. Ed Hartnett
Message Center
Too Good for the Guardhouse — Paratroopers are tough guys who tell tough stories about themselves.  This is one they tell in Britain.  And who are we to doubt it? / By Sgt. Andrew A. Rooney
Merrill’s Makeshift Artillery / By Sgt. Dave Richardson
YANK’s United States Map
The Sad Sack “Enlisted Man’s Rag”
How to Vote in States Holding Primaries in Late July and August
Letter from Home
Touching four bases
Sports: Jimmy Foxx Tells Why Rich Red Sox Flopped
Sports Service Record
Duffie’s: Where Iran’s Elite Meet / By Sgt. Jmes P. O’Neill
A Soldier Artist Portrays the Italian Scene (Tech. Sgt. Mitchell Siporin)
YANK Pin-Up Girl – Jeanne Crain