YANK EU 1944 06 23 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 13  
Sightseers … Inside Rome With Victorious Allied Troops ……….. St. Peter’s, in Vatican City, was visited by some of the first Allied troops to arrive in Rome. This photograph of GIs on the steps of the famous church was taken by YANK’S Sgt. George Aarons. It gives an idea of the building’s immense proportions. Other pictures of Rome, Pages 2-9. ……….. Articles Inside:
Rome: Milepost to Victory — First Liberated European Capital Welcomes Allies / By Sgt. James P. O’Neill and Sgt. Fred Rosen  Pages 2-9
Interview with Tito of Yugoslavia / By Sgt. Walter Bernstein
Variety Show: Clyde Owen with his brother James; Robert E. Devore, Alger Shipp, Joe E. Brown
The Sports Parade
Sports: So You Know Sports?  Then Try This Simple Little Quiz
Sports Service Record
The Sad Sack “Souvenir Hunter” / By Sgt. George Baker
Nothing Can Stop The “Censored” / By Sgt Ray Duncan
Mail Call
Army Bonus / By Pvt Maurice Flowers, Pvt Sam Westfall, T-3 Roger H. Garrison, Pfc Winthrop S. Gage, S/Sgt Michael E. Farris and Pfc Jacob Herman
Squawks / By Pfc Frederick M. Kukuk, Sgt John Geninatti and Pvt Joe Valasky
Name and Rank / By Pfc J.C. Sergeant
Democracy? / By Cpl Harry S. Wootton Jr., S/Sgt Arthur J. Kaplan and Pvt Gustave Santiago
Stamp Plane / By Pvt Burnell Holt
Message Center
Letter from Home
Panama Pets; Eugene Nocovich, Claude Campbell, Doyle Spragg, Ramon Matos, Joseph Thomas, Norman Mosher, George Van Meter, Scott Jeffery, John Williams
YANK’s Page of Laughs
A-20 (Havoc) — An eyewitness report of a pre-invasion mission over the Continent in one of the newest and most effective U. S. air weapons, an attack bomber that looks like an insect but moves and hits with the speed of a meteor.

YANK Pin-up Girl – Yvonne de Carlo