YANK EU 1944 06 16 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 12
24 pages
Dust of Battle … Allies Pound On; 15th AAF’s Balkan Battle ……….. Dust rises in clouds over all roads and trails leading to the front at man and machines go forward. In this picture the dust cleared sufficiently for the photographer to snap this jeep load moving up past a mule pack train. For other pictures taken at the front, see pages 2, 3, 4 & 5. ……….. Articles Inside:
Tally Sheet For Italy — German Losses Soar As Offensive Enters Fourth Week
Swift Push Is Profitable
Huns Spend Men, Materiel
MAAF Batters Supply Lines
Tanks Come Into Their Own
Blasting the Balkans
Fighters Run Interference
Pipe Dream in Canada — Moving 30,000 tons of freight over Northwest waterways.  The engineers tapped a vital source at all to feed our war machine. / By Sgt Georg N. Meyers
Variety Show — Produced by the Cameras of the World
Actions Shots (Sports)
Sports: Private Life of Pensive (Race Horse) / By Sgt Dan Polier
Sports Service Record
The Sad Sack — “Exercise” / By Sgt George Baker
What’s Your Problem?
Merchant Marine Transfers / T-5 Peter Barnes
Prohibition / Pfc. Mack Southin
Changing Names / Pvt. Wolwoff Zylbercweigz
Unwed Mother’s Benefits

Indian Giving / Sgt Isaiah Sanderson

Child-Bride Allotments / Pvt. Ed Helms
Strictly GI
Improved C Ration
ASF Training
WAC Uniforms
AAF Box Score
Negro Strength
Camouflage Uniform
Bulletin Board
Letter from Home
Merrill’s Marauders in Burma — A YANK correspondent, who marched 500 miles through the jungle with this volunteer force/ tells about our first infantry bat­tle on the continent of Asia. / By Sgt. Dave Richardson
Notes from a Burma Diary / By Sgt Dave Richardson
YANK Pin-Up Girl — Gale Robbins