YANK EU 1944 06 02 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 10
22 pages

… Objective Taken … Action Pictures of Allied Offensive in Italy ……….. This American soldier was photographed by an Army Pictorial Service cameraman in the battered hamlet of Santa Maria Infante immediately after in capture by the Allies in the current push of the Fifth and Eighth Armies up the Italian boot. For other excellent pictures of the drive, see pages 2, 3, 4. end 5.

Allies Open Up in Italy; 5th Army Front; M10 with French crew at Castelforte; Scauri; Ghurka soldier

Ironman Pilot – Maj. George lee with 161 missions

Bottleneck to Rome… drawings by Savo Radulovic, US soldier born in Niksich, Yugoslavia

Sad Sack

Frank Neri is the barber

Dill Neiswagner in Bougainville

Howard F. Evans from Moravia, Ia taking a bath in an oil drum

Irving Berlin, Marlena Dietrich

Letter from home; penicillin test on rabbits in Terre Haute, Ind.GI’s meet the ex-cannibals

Pin-up Girl – K.T. Stevens