YANK EU 1944 04 28 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 6

Cover: Behind Enemy Lines With A Beachhead Patrol — At the Anzio front in Italy, Pvt. Bob Ballard of Huntington, W. Va., moves his field glasses over the horizon searching for enemy air or ground movement. His perch is the turret of a Sherman tank, camouflaged into the side of a haystack and his companion is a 50 caliber machine gun.

Articles Inside:

Action at Olivete — It’s a good thing to know how to throw rocks when you go out after German machine gun nests Ernie Childers discovered in winning the Congressional Medal of Honor. / By Sgt. Don Robinson and Illustrated By Sgt. Brummett Echohawk (2nd Lt. Ernest Childers)

Carrier in the Pacific — New flat-tops have made our recent series of blows into Jap territory possible. (H. E. Hubbard ARM3c, Pilot W. B. Karnegay, Sgt. Dillon Ferris, Field Marshal Gen Sugiyana, Admiral of the Fleet Osami Nagano, Arthur L. Seesholts S1c, Roland (Dugan) Ransom ARM2c)

Pre-Invasion Bombs

Nightmare Job In Italy — Every 59 seconds a plane takes off or lands at the base where Vance Luten is operations traffic cap. / By Sgt. Burtt Evans (S/Sgt. Vance B. Luten, Cpl. Charles Morgan)

This B-24 Over Britain Refused To Land So They Had To Shoot Her Down (Heavenly Daze, 1st Lt. Walter McCartie, 1st Lt. Richard J. Pettit, 2d Lt. Humphrey J. Elliot, 2d Lt. Robert F. Leesley, 2d Lt. Leslie A. Jacobson, Sgt. John P. Kogut, Sgt. Erharot D. Lange, S/Sgt. James R. Stanley, S/Sgt. Peter Bortua, Sgt. Joseph A. D’Atri)

A Sergeant Coaches A King (T/Sgt. Robert A. Walters and King Farouk I) / By Sgt. Karl Sprinkle

Rouge Gallery / By Cpl. Paul E. Deutschman

Letters From The States

Artic Jitterbug (Helicopter) / By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers (S/Sgt. Frank Matteson, Sgt. Charles Smith, Lt. Lyle Edwards, Lt. Raymond J. Barnett, Lt. Col. L. B. Cooper)

Report From Russia — An American general tells what he saw on a tour of Red Army fronts. / Sgt. Al Hine (Maj. Gen. Donald H. Connolly)

“Patrols were active . . . “ — Back of that dry phrase in the communiques there is often high excitement, vigorous action.  Patrolling requires skill and courage as these fine pictures, taken on the Anzio beachhead by Pvt. Charles E. Gallagher of Army Pictorial service, amply prove. (S/Sgt. Alan Wright, Pvt. Charles E. Gallagher, Sgt. Maurice Parker)

Landing On Los Negros — In the Admiralties, troopers of the 1st Cavalry Division showed that they could fight on foot in the jungle as well as our toughest infantrymen. (Pvt. Warren Planthaber, William Siebieda S1c, Pfc. Wayne A. Hutchinson, Lt. Decatur B. Walker, Pfc. Juan Gonzales, Cpl. Wilbur C. Beghtol, Pfc. Allan M. Holliday, Cpl. James E. Stumfoll, Sgt. John T. Lee, Pfc. Tony C. Reyes, Lt. Sam A. Durrance, Cpl. Joe Hodoski, Pvt. Andrew R. Barnabei, Cpl. John Dolejsi)

The Sad Sack “Excess Baggage” / By Sgt. George Baker

GI Proverbs from King Solomon /By Pvt. Jay Leyda

Woman of the Yugoslav Underground / By Sgt. Walter Bernstein (Vera Krizman, Milada Rajter)

Political Pot Boils (Gov. Earl Warren, Governor John Bricker, Lt. Comdr. Harold Stassen, Wendell Willkie, Gen. Douglas MacArthur, Rep. A. L. Miller, Joseph R. Savage, Sen. Arthur E. Vandenberg, Capt. Donald N. Aldrich, Mrs. Marjorie Aldrich, Fritz Warren, James McCallen, Nick Spartichino)

YANK Pin-Up Girl – Leslie Brooks

Somewhere In Italy / By Pfc. Melvin Diamond (Pvt. Donald C. Pollack, Pfc. Melvin Diamond

Dog Tent / By Pvt Mark Porter

Anzio Wedding / By Pvt. Merrill Harrison (2nd Lt. Geneva B. Clarke and 1st Lt. Thomas G. Rose)

Nazi Secret Weapon No Mystery Now (Doodlebug)

“Kraut Killer Knapp” (Pvt. Alton W. Knappenberger)

Sports Round-Up (Pepper Martin, Natalie Rogers, Pat Geary, Virginia Wenzlaff, Katie Manley and Wave Winters, Bob Kurland, Howie Schultz, Hans Strand)

Sports: Maybe Dodds Sold Those Extra Two Million Bibles / By Sgt. Dan Polier (Gil Dodds, Mr. Frank Brennan, Rudy Simms, Bill Hulse, Mr. Lewis Burton)

Sports Service Record (Lt. J. K. (Buddy) Lewis, Pvt. Terry Moore, Mickey Harris, Bob Pastor, George Dickey, Marvin Felderman, Tom Ferrick, Joe Grace, Jack Hallett, Bob Harris, Johnny Lucadello, Barney McCosky, Vern Olsen, Joe Gordon, Lee Sovold, Jack Kraus, Ronnie Cahill, Bobby Bragan, Sammy Angott, Marty Marion, Buster Maynard, Clyde Shoun, Stuart Holcomb, Hal Trosky, Cliff Melton, Vernon Stephens, Glenn Stewart, Mace Brown, Jack Kramer)

YANK Cartoons