YANK EU 1944 04 21 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 5
They Walked Into a Surprise Party at Eniwetok … These soldiers on the beach of Eniwetok Island in the Marshalls had just been landed and were awaiting the order to attack when they were photographed by YANK’S Sgt. John Bushemi. A little while later these men moved ahead. Among those who fell, mortally wounded, was Sgt. John Bushemi. ……….. Articles Inside:
Surprise Party at Eniwetok / By Sgt. Merle Miller
Imported Natives Helped GIs Transform Santo Into a Bustling Community (T-4 George Richardson, T/Sgt. John Cook) / By Sgt. Barrett McGurn
ATC India-China-Wing — These American transport planes are flying more military supplies over the treacherous 14,000-foot hump of the Himalayas than China used to get by truck through the old Burma Road. / By Sgt. Ed Cunningham
Counterattack — When the Germans launched a drive of their own against a stunned and reduced American force pushing on San Pietro, it took a couple of mor­tars, a couple of heroes and a lot of plain guts to stop them. (Cpl. Quinten Barrington, 1/Sgt. Red Jones, Sgt. Dudley Henry, / By Sgt. Newton H. Fulbright
Air-Sea Rescue — When a soldier rescues another soldier under fire, they may call it “unusual” and give him a citation. When the Air Sea Rescue pulls men out of “that old devil sea” it’s just a job. If you ever fall out of the sky into a dinghy in the North Sea and that magic black launch picks you up, just give a brief “thanks” because that’s the way it is—without trumpets or brass bands. (Ron Spittle and Coxswain A. J. Cornelius / By Cpl. John D. Preston
The Spahis (Cavalry) / By Cpl. Tom Shehan
Mental Breakdowns in the Army — What causes psychoneurosis at the front lines? Usually it does not develop in men who have a clear idea of the necessity for the war and understand why they had to get into a GI uniform and do the fighting. By Sgt. Mack Morriss
The Mounties Get Unhorsed / By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers
The Sad Sack “Safe Spot” / By Sgt. George Baker
When we get our new T.O. … / By Sgt. Ray Duncan
Letter from the States
YANK Pin-Up Girl – Ramsay Ames
What goes on in the Entertainment World back home
Band Beat
Air Waves
Night Spots
Majors Warm Up In Cold North
Sports: Small Notes and Stories About Some Big Fellows / By Sgt. Dan Polier

YANK Cartoons