YANK EU 1944 04 21 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 5

Cover: They Walked Into a Surprise Party at Eniwetok … These soldiers on the beach of Eniwetok Island in the Marshalls had just been landed and were awaiting the order to attack when they were photographed by YANK’S Sgt. John Bushemi. A little while later these men moved ahead. Among those who fell, mortally wounded, was Sgt. John Bushemi.

Articles Inside:

Surprise Party at Eniwetok — The shores of this fast strong-hold of the enemy in the Marshalls were so quiet at first that the landing Americans thought it was another Kiska. Then the Japs peered out of their camouflaged foxholes and opened a deadly fire from all sides. / By Sgt. Merle Miller (Sgt. John A. Bushemi, Lt. Col. Harold I. (Hi) Mizony, Lt. Col. Winslow Cornett, Harold Smith, CPO D. A. Dean, 1st Lt. Gerhard Roth, Sgt. Charles Rosecrans, Sgt. Mat Toper, 1st Lt. John Hetherington, Sgt. Robert Flynn, Sgt. Chris Hagen, Pfc. Joseph Tucker, Capt. Carl Stoltz, Pfc. Sam Camerda, Pfc. William (Mac) Wemyrs, S/Sgt. Delbert (Pop) Markham, Capt. Charles Hallden, Capt. Waldo Drake, Hal O’Flaherty, Pfc. Albert Lee, Pvt. James Syrell)

Imported Natives Helped GIs Transform Santo Into a Bustling Community / By Sgt. Barrett McGurn (T-4 George Richardson, T/Sgt. John Cook)

ATC India-China-Wing — These American transport planes are flying more military supplies over the treacherous 14,000-foot hump of the Himalayas than China used to get by truck through the old Burma Road. / By Sgt. Ed Cunningham (Col. Robert F. Tate, Capt. Lester Musgrove, S/Sgt. John Shump, Eric Sevareid, Lt. John J. Boll, T/Sgt. Ernest Creach, S/Sgt. Albert Wagner, Col. (now Brig. Gen.) Caleb V. Haynes, Capt. Jake Sartz, T/Sgt. Ralph Baldridge, Sgt. Bob Mocklin, Col. Robert L. Scott Jr., Maj. Gen. Clayton L Bissell, Capt. Dick Bechel, Capt. John Payne, Lt. Richard E. Cole, Bill Sanders, M/Sgt. Bud Gleason, S/Sgt. Frank Ruth, S/Sgt. Red Jones, S/Sgts. Max Sharp. Johnny Shump and James W. Smith, Col. E. C. Alexander, Brig. Gen. Earl S. Hoag, Capt. John Porter, Lt. Cecil Williams, Cpl. Matthew Campanula, Eric Sevareid, CBS correspondent, 1st Lt. R. E. Crozier, Flight Officer Harold J. McCallum, Cpl. Kenneth B. Spencer, Sgt. William Perram and Pfc. John Huffman)

Counterattack — When the Germans launched a drive of their own against a stunned and reduced American force pushing on San Pietro, it took a couple of mor­tars, a couple of heroes and a lot of plain guts to stop them. / By Sgt. Newton H. Fulbright (Cpl. Quinten Barrington, 1/Sgt. Red Jones, Sgt. Dudley Henry,

Air-Sea Rescue — When a soldier rescues another soldier under fire, they may call it “unusual” and give him a citation. When the Air Sea Rescue pulls men out of “that old devil sea” it’s just a job. If you ever fall out of the sky into a dinghy in the North Sea and that magic black launch picks you up, just give a brief “thanks” because that’s the way it is—without trumpets or brass bands. / By Cpl. John D. Preston (Ron Spittle and Coxswain A. J. Cornelius)

The Spahis (Cavalry) / By Cpl. Tom Shehan, Photos by Sgt. John Franco (Lt. Mohammed Derar, Capt. Marc Sibert)

Mental Breakdowns in the Army — What causes psychoneurosis at the front lines? Usually it does not develop in men who have a clear idea of the necessity for the war and understand why they had to get into a GI uniform and do the fighting. By Sgt. Mack Morriss

The Mounties Get Unhorsed / By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers (254th Military Police, Sgt. Bery Allan, Constable Ray R. Johnson, RCMP commissioner Stewart Taylor Wood, Inspector H. H. Cronkhite, D Cpl. (Detective-Corporal) Michael V. Nolan, Capt. George H. Coupe, Charles F. Patterson, Detective-Constable Glenn Cunnings, Constable Thomas J. Peck)

The Sad Sack “Safe Spot” / By Sgt. George Baker

When we get our new T.O. … / By Sgt. Ray Duncan

Letter from the States

     Willkie Still Powerful

     Selective Service Headaches (Carole Landis, Capt. Thomas C. Wallace, Fred Kohl and Carleton Roll)

YANK Pin-Up Girl – Ramsay Ames

What goes on in the Entertainment World back home

     Hollywood (Turhan Bey, Boris Karloff, Susan Foster, Ingrid Bergman, Sarah Bernhardt, Eugene Pallette, Frank Sinatra, Danny Kaye, features Dinah Shore, Phyllis Brooks, Fred MacMurray, Veronica Lake, William Bendix, Dennis O’Keefe, George Jessel, Robert Young, Susan Peters)

     Band Beat (King Sisters, Duke Ellington, Gladys Tell, Kitty Kallen, Jimmy Dorsey, Skip Nelson, Teddy Powell, Jan Garber, Jimmy Saunders, Charlie Spivak, Red Nichols, Glen Gray, Johnny Messner, Carol Kaye, Benny Goodman, Buddy De Vito, Eddie Oliver, Harry James, Buddy Moreno, Bobby Allen, Louis Prima, Pat Cameron,  Dorothy Claire, Sonny Dunham)

     Air Waves (Bob Hope, Guy Lombardo, Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Bill Stern, Raymond Gram, Milton Cross, Gladys Swarthout, Fred Waring, Frank Sinatra, Fred Allen, Ed Wynn, Benny Goodman)

     Clyde Beatty Goes West (Art Concello)

     Dorsey With Pitt Symphony (Tommy Dorsey, Dr. Fritz Reiner, Leonard Bernstein)

     Cohan Comedy To Be Filmed (George M. Cohan)

     Ethel Barrymore for Guild Play (Franz Werfel)

Majors Warm Up In Cold North (Connie Mack, Paul Waner, Rick Ferrell, Rodger Wolff, Dutch Leonard, Mickey Haefner, Steve O’Neill, Ralph Siewert, Cliff Melton, Bill Voiselle)

Sports: Small Notes and Stories About Some Big Fellows / By Sgt. Dan Polier (Freddie Cochrane, Lt. Bob Barnett, Billy Southworth, Pepper Martin)

     Footloose-And-Fancy-Free Division (Joe Baski, Tami Mauriello, Lou Nova, Henry Armstrong, Mel Harder, Sgt. Johnny Quigley, Jim Crowley, Lefty Gomez, Capt. Ted Lyons, Pvt. Maurice Van Robays, Pvt. Tommy Bridges)

     To Whom It May Concern (Glenn Dobbs, Jack Jacobs, Lt. Bob Ison, Pvt. Tommy Bridges, Pvt. Maurice Van Robavs, Lt. Bernie Masterson, Lt. Jim Lansing, Lt. Jim Noble, Cpl. Bob Nested, Lt. Sam Chapman)

     Service Record (Tex Hughson, Slats Marion, Phil Hergesheimer, Mickey Livingston, Sammy Byrd, Roy Weatherly, Joe Moore, Paul Dean, Ben Chapman, Pinky Higgins, Chet Laabs, Buck Newsom, Pug Manders, Jug McSpaden, Bob Seymour, Howie Schultz, Alex Wojciechowicz, Hal Trosky, Satchel Paige, Steve Sundra, Elmer Riddle, Pfc. Mickey McCardle, Lt. Pete Holovak)

YANK Cartoons