YANK EU 1944 04 14 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 4 .

Cover: Nightlife in Cassino … Story of 5th Army’s Sgt. Kelly — Sliding down a rubble heap in Cassino, Slim Aarons, YANK photographer, bumped into this trigger-fingered New Zealander on guard at the entrance of his fortress. ” Right then I was glad I had worn a British helmet for that trip,” Slim said “My American helmet would have looked too much like a Kraut hat.” 

Articles Inside:

24 Hours In Cassino — Rats still scamper, a bird still sings, and the shells rain on and on, a YANK man finds during a day and night spent with the Kiwis in the world’s most pulverized town. / By Sgt. Slim Aarons

Sgt. Kelly One-Man Army — The story of Charley Kelly, former soda bottler, holder of the first Congressional Medal of Honor to be awarded in the Italian Campaign. / By Sgt. Burtt Evans (Charles Edward Kelly, Major Paul Triquet)

After the Battle at Kwajalein — We Killed A Lot Of Japs, But Some Of Us Died, Too / By Sgt. Merle Miller (T-5 Robert Fuller, Sgt. Charles Blair)

Home Towns in Wartime – Boston, Mass. / By Sgt. Joe McCarthy (Mrs. Alonzo Wessell, John F. (Honey Fitz) Fitzgerald, Nicholas Stuhl, Father Coughlin, Joe Timilty, James Michael Curley, Bob Quinn, Casey Stengel, Bob Coleman, Louis Perini, Joe Maney and Guido Rugo)

Private Looie Goes to Seed / By Sgt. Don Robinson, Italy

Somewhere in Italy (Pfc. Elvin E. Myatt, Pfc.

     Outpost Party (Wilford L. Reed, Pfc. Jackie C. Moore, Pfc. Joseph Pansarsa, Pfc. Charles R. Humphries, Pvts. Henry E. Pirila, Glen P. Clingan)

     Anzio The Crow (Pvts. Newell B. Kelley, Frederick F. Uhlmann Jr.)

     Buried Alive (Pfc. Edward J. Sears)

     One-Man Counterattack (T/Sgt. Reid Houghtaling)

Wrecker Contact Crews / By Cpl. Hark L. Schneider

Pacific Ocean & The Bay Of Bengal — Save this map of the Pacific war areas. It will help you follow the drive to Tokyo.

What’s The Deal On Pensions For Ex-Servicemen? — The Veterans Administration was badly snafued last fall when it didn’t have enough personnel or priorities to handle the pensions and job problems of the first batch of discharged GIs. But here’s how it works now under a new and more efficient organization set-up. / By Sgt. H. N. Oliphant (Timothy Sheehan, Anthony La Manna, Dr. E. T. O’Connor, B. G. Woods, Brig. Gen. Frank T. Hines, Jack Mizrahi)

What are the Girls Wearing? — Despite the shortage of material, skirts back in America still cover the knees.

The Sad Sack “Habit” / By Sgt. George Baker

Letter from the States

     New Luxury Taxes

     Points Deadline Liked

     Portal-To-Portal Pay (Justice Frank Murphy)

     AAF Closes Doors

     American Sideshow (Charlie Chaplin, Joan Barry, Lana Turner, Stephen Crane, Surgeon General Ross T. McIntyre, Andrew F, Howe, Tony Pfister)

YANK Pin-Up Girl – Gloria Anderson

The Poets Cornered

     Hearing That His Friend Was Coming Back From the War / By Wang Chien

     Sonnet To A Statesman / By S/Sgt.  Raymond Harris

     Marriage Overseas / By Sgt. Irving Caress

     Buna Beach / By Pfc. Keith B. Campbell

     Winter Afternoon / By Pfc. Lowell Richards

     The Freighter / By Pvt.  Norman Gelber

     Travel Note / By Sgt. Jack N. Carl

     Victim of War / Cpl. Walter A. Armbruster


Narrow Escape (Math Challenge)

This Week’s Cover

Puzzle Solutions

Month at Madison Square Garden (Bill Kotsores, Joe Baski, Tami Mauriello, Eddie Conwell, Bummy Davis of Bummy Davis, Bob Montgomery)

Sports: Kentucky Derby Horses: Their Lives and Loves / By Sgt. Dan Polier (Miss Keeneland, Pukka Gin, Director J. E., Grant Rice, Black Badge, Stir Up, Durazna, Alorter, Platter, Kope Kona, Olympic Zenith, Occupy, Lucky Draw, Pensive, Harriet Sue)

Sports Service Record (Marcel Cerdan, Leo Durocher, Steve O’Neill, T-5 Virgil Green, Pvt. Alton Wilkie, Billy Johnson, A/C Howie Pollett, Mac Rothenberg, Sgt. Freddie Mills, Capt. Jeff Dickson, the “Tex Rickard of Europe,” Lt. Tom Harmon, Joe Beggs, Betty Hicks, Johnny Gilbert, Tony Galento, Dick Bartell, Jimmy Orlando, Bill Dietrich, Joe Glenn, Steve Sundra, Bill Baker, Bob Klinger, Dixie Walker, Ray Mueller, George Metkovich)

YANK Cartoons