YANK EU 1944 04 14 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 4 .
Nightlife in Cassino; Story of 5th Army’s Sgt. Kelly ……….. Sliding down a rubble heap in Cassino, Slim Aarons, YANK photographer, bumped into this trigger-fingered New Zealander on guard at the entrance of his fortress. ” Right then I was glad I had worn a British helmet for that trip,” Slim said “My American helmet would have looked too much like a Kraut hat.” ……….. Articles Inside:
24 Hours In Cassino — Rats still scamper, a bird still sings, and the shells rain on and on, a YANK man finds during a day and night spent with the Kiwis in the world’s most pulverized town. / By Sgt. Slim Aarons
Sgt. Kelly One-Man Army — The story of Charley Kelly, former soda bottler, holder of the first Congressional Medal of Honor to be awarded in the Italian Campaign. / By Sgt. Burtt Evans
After the Battle at Kwajalein / By Sgt. Merle Miller
Home Towns in Wartime – Boston, Mass. / By Sgt. Joe McCarthy
Private Looie Goes to Seed
Somewhere in Italy
Veterans Administration
What are the Girls Wearing? — Despite the shortage of material, skirts back in America still cover the knees.
The Sad Sack “Habit” / By Sgt. George Baker
Letter from the States
YANK Pin-Up Girl – Gloria Anderson
The Poets Cornered
Hearing That His Friend Was Coming Back From the War
Sonnet To A Statesman / By S/Sgt.  Raymond Harris
Marriage Overseas / By Sgt. Irving Caress
Buna Beach / By Pfc. Keith B. Campbell
Winter Afternoon / By Pfc. Lowell Richards
The Freighter / By Pvt.  Norman Gelber
Travel Note / By Sgt. Jack N. Carl
Victim of War / Cpl. Walter A. Armbruster
Narrow Escape
Month at Madison Square Garden
Sports: Kentucky Derby Horses: Their Lives and Loves / By Sgt. Dan Polier
Sports Service Record
YANK Cartoons