YANK EU 1944 03 31 (PDF)






Vol. 1 No. 3

Cover: Close One … France’s Comeback Fight; Vesuvius Blitzes a Town — The grin on the face of this infantryman and the sorry condition of his helmet bear testimony to a close call on the Italian front. A shell fragment pierced his helmet and liner but obviously left his head in good condition. The lucky soldier is Pfc. Andrew Warner and he comes from Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

Articles Inside:

France’s Road Back / By R. I. Gilmore (General Alphonse Juin, 2nd Lt. el Hadi, Captain Denee, Countess de Luhard, Marie-Alphonsine Loretti, Conductrice Jose Lopez)

Prison Ship — M. P. escort guards couldn’t convince the Krauts that our coasts were unbombed, but seeing was believing for this shipload of arrogant Nazis. / By Cpl. Henry Sloan

A Sad Sack Of Mail Or Buster Is Not Amused / By Cpl. Paul E. Deutschman

This Week’s Cover

Teamwork in China — In the Chinese-American Composite Air Wing, Chiang Kai-shek’s flyers, trained at U. S. schools, sit next to Yank pilots during bomber missions over territory held by the Japs. / By Sgt. Ed Cunningham (Sgt. C. C. Wei, Capt. William (Kit) Carson, 2d Lt. W. Y. Pan, Lt. H. C. Peng and Lt. L. L. Pu, Sgt. S. C. Yan, 1st Lt. Wilbur Taxis, 1st Lt. Clifford D. Boyle, Sgt. L. C. Shin, 1st Lt. Mark Seacrest, Lt. Col. Irving S. Branch, Maj. Hsueh Yen Lee, M/Sgt. Grady Fuller, Sgt. L. T. Tsui, Maj. Thomas J. Foley, 1st Lt. Kwang Tsao)

Marshalls Massacre — The 7th Division, veterans of the Aleutians, wondered if Kwajalein would be a tougher nut to crack than Attu. But when they landed, they found that our guns and bombs had already smashed it to bits. / By Sgt. Merle Miller (Pfc. Ashley Stewart, T/Sgt. James E. Watkins)

Reich Offers Prizes For Better Weapons — To ease the burdens of the master race, YANK offers these modest suggestions from our own Sgt. Ralph Stein, who should of went to OCS. Der Fuehrer can keep his old money; Sgt. Stein just likes to see his pictures in print.

This Patrol Killed Twenty, Captured 130 Before Breakfast (1st Lt. George D. Krasevac)

Somewhere In Italy (S/Sgt. Jefferson J. Josephs, S/Sgt. Norbert J. Rix, George Berry, T/4 Dallas Commerford, Sgt. Herman Graff, Pvt. Delmar Richardson)

Central Europe & The Mediterranean — This is the Western half of a map of Europe which- soldiers will want to keep to follow the European, campaign. Next week, YANK will print the Eastern section to give you a complete map of the European war theater

Tito’s Army — The small band of freedom-loving Yugoslav men and women who started a brave fight with captured weapons against the Nazi invaders three years ago has now grown into an efficient
machine of 300,000 Partisan troops. / By Sgt. Walter Bernstein

The Sad Sack “V-Mail” / By Sgt. George Baker

Letter From The States (Lt. Cmndr. Harold E. Stassen,

     The Kid’s First Fight (Col. Philip Cochrane)

     Ernie’s Close Shave (Ernie Pyle)

     Industry Plans for Peace

     Boom Over Miami

     American Sideshow (Miss Louise Carter, Stewart Tweedale, Benny Goodman, Evelyn Keyes, Charles Vidor, Magistrate D. Joseph Deandree, Sam Wilson, Mrs. Corinne Saint Jacques)

Vesuvius: House Wrecker (Sgt. James J. Rooney)

Hospital on Rails — First Ambulance Train In Italy Carries Wounded GIs Out Of Fighting Zone. / By Sgt. Burgess H. Scott (Sgt. Howard Schuyler, Cpl. Harold Veith, Pvt. Joseph Lansing, Pfc. Harry E. Beals, Sgt. Henry Smith)

Yank Pin-up Girl : Betty Bryant

The Poets Cornered

     Courage / By Sgt. Harold Applebaum

     Unrelated Quatrains / Pvt. Louis Fisher

     Lightings In The Sky / T/Sgt. R. H. Bryson

     The Problem Of The Soldier’s Intellect / Sgt. Bob Stuart McKnight

     The Snow of Stones (From Homer’s Iliad)

     Tomorrow (Sgt. Carlyle A. Oberle)

Broadway Hollywood Party Line (Marva (Mrs. Joe) Louis, Mrs. Louis (Mark Twain), Pat Rooney, Katherine Hepburn, Norma Shearer, Dorothy McGuire, Myrna Kennedy, William Boyd, Nick and Charles Kenny, James Hilton, Marlene Dietrich, Walter Winchells, Hoagy Carmichael, Fred MacMurray, Fifi D’Orsay, Paulette Goddard, Ella Mae Morse)

Court Shots / By Cpl. Tom Shehan (Cpl. Stacy Griffin, Pvt. Pete Kunkel, Cpl. Buster Edelstein, S/Sgt. Jason Jones, Harriman, Cpl. Robert Queener, Pfc. Frank Beudert, Pfc. Jim Minah, Sgt. Bob Henshew, Pfc. Charles Heppler, Cpl. John Billington, S/Sgt. Paul Wiseman, Pvt. Pete Saunders, Pvt. Robert Pearson, Cpl. Bert Wallace, Capt. John F. Groom, Pvt. William «Chink» Randol, Pvt. Morris Harris, Pvt. William «Suicide» Vanardo, Cpl. Robert Wheeler, Sgt. John «Tony» Lawson)

Sports: Life Is Rough In Iran For This Umpire Lover / By Cpl. James P. O’Neill (Charley Clark, Bill Stewart and George Magerkurth)

YANK Cartoons