YANK EU 1944 03 17 (PDF)




24 pages
Vol. 1 No. 2 ……. Cover: A Nurse Digs In South of Rome ……. Action at Anzio: Mud and Mountains in Italy ……….. Articles Inside:

Hot Spot in Italy – A report from one of the hottest corners of the earth, the narrow Allied beachhead flanking Anzio and Nettuno where there isn’t an inch of territory protected from German bombs, shells, machinegun and small-arms fire.

Nurses Under Fire In Italy

The Alaska Scouts – Whenever the Army and Navy planned an invasion in the north Pacific, they sent a few of these tough regulars and ex-trappers ashore first to find the best landing beaches and to locate the Japanese positions. By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers

Good Neighbor Symphony – GIs and gobs stationed in the Panama Canal Zone make music in their off-duty hours with the republic’s own orchestra. By Cpl. Richard Harrity

Destruction of Pompeii – A Translation of Pliny’s Dramatic Eyewitness Story

Somewhere in Italy

John Bushemi YANK Photographer – Killed in Action

Cassino Sketches by Sgt. Ed Vebell

The Road To Rome ( Photo Report )

Modern Living on a Beachhead in Bougainville By Cpl. Barrett McGurn ( Sketches by Sgt. Robert Greenhalgh )

Like Shooting Fish in a barrel

The Sad Sack by Sgt George Baker

Letter from the States

Charlie Chaplin Faces Federal Prison on Joan’s Charges

Yank Pin-up Girl : Gene Tierney

What goes on in the Entertainment World back home

In This Corner…A half Dozen Champs

Sports: Take a Quote, Please, As the great minds in sports speak