YANK EU 1944 03 17 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 2

Cover: A Nurse Digs In South of Rome ……. Action at Anzio: Mud and Mountains in Italy

Articles Inside:

Hot Spot in Italy – A report from one of the hottest corners of the earth, the narrow Allied beachhead flanking Anzio and Nettuno where there isn’t an inch of territory protected from German bombs, shells, machinegun and small-arms fire. (Pvt. Don Whitehead)

Nurses Under Fire In Italy (T/Sgt. Elbert Graves, Maxine Lykins, Lts. Marguerite Martin, Jean Richey, Katherine Baltzer, Mary Henehan, Avis Dagit, Grussing, Martha Tate, Loretta Bass, Helen Pfeiffer, Sybil Mosely, Maxine Lykins, Martha Shaw, Mary L. Zumey, Ada Beidelman, Myrtle Carpenter, Hattie Fried, Eugenia Allmand, Victoria Skroh, Lucille Bertrand, Ruth Griffard, Esther Richards)

The Alaska Scouts – Whenever the Army and Navy planned an invasion in the north Pacific, they sent a few of these tough regulars and ex-trappers ashore first to find the best landing beaches and to locate the Japanese positions. / By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers (T-5 Joe Mello, Sgt. Dale D. Sims, T-5 Fuller S. Thompson, Pfc. Jacob Acachek Stalker, Pvt. William R. Harvey, Col. Lawrence Vincent Castner, Norton M. Olshausen, James H. Radford, Donald O. Spaulding, William B. (Sam) Bates, Lt. Gen. Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr., Col. William J. Verbeck, Capt. Robert H. Thompson, Lt. Earl C. Acuff, S/Sgt. Edgar M. Walker, Sgt. Joe Kelly, Sgt. Clyde Peterson, Pvts. Stanley Dayo, Chuck O’Leary, Billy Buck, Cpl. George Bishop of Fairbanks and Cpl. Raymond F. Conrad of Dubois, Sgt. Clyde Peters, Cpl. Willis (Red) Cruden, Cpl. Philip N. Kendrick, S/Sgt. Robert Lee Garr, Cpl. Albert L. Levorson, Cpl. Edward R. Bagby, T/Sgt. Farrington)

Good Neighbor Symphony – GIs and gobs stationed in the Panama Canal Zone make music in their off-duty hours with the republic’s own orchestra. By Cpl. Richard Harrity (Herbert de Castro, Cpl. Morton Block, Samuel Matlowsky S1c, Theodore Di Georgia Music, Pfc. Rafael Grossman, Lt. Gen. George H. Brett)

Destruction of Pompeii – A Translation of Pliny’s Dramatic Eyewitness Story

Somewhere in Italy (S/Sgt. Charles Kelley, T/Sgt. Robert C. Geake)

John Bushemi YANK Photographer – Killed in Action

Cassino Sketches by Sgt. Ed Vebell

The Road To Rome (Photo Report) By Sgt. George Aarons

Modern Living on a Beachhead in Bougainville / By Cpl. Barrett McGurn (Sketches by Sgt. Robert Greenhalgh) (S/Sgt. William Orick, Sgt. Francis Johnson, Pvt. Frank Pistacchia, T-5 Donald N. Roberts, T-4 John Alcorn, 1st Sgt. Melvin E. (Speed) Spiedel, Pvt. Albert Herron)

Like Shooting Fish in a barrel (Pvt. Harold D. Phillips, Pfc. William C. Coker, Sgt. Wyatt Johnson)

The Sad Sack “News” By Sgt George Baker

Letter from the States

(Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, Dr. Allen Knight Chambers, Dr. Ralph W. Sockman and Oswald Garrison Villard, Walter Lippman)

     Headache For Homefolks

     Lepke Burns (Louis (Lepke) Buchalter, Joseph Rosen, Walter Wiochell)

     More About The Quads (S/Sgt. William H. Thompson, Mrs. Eleanor Jenemann Thompson, Dr. Arthur B. Kinsolving)

     None Of Army’s Business (Corporal Henry Kania and Private Jacob Ricotta)

     Soldier Vote

     American Sideshow

(Mrs. Murial Rowan of Paterson, Gahagan Douglas, Melvyn Douglas, Mrs. Dorothy Vredenburgh, Mrs. Julia LeBlanc, Tami Mauriello, Henry J. Kaiser, Hrach Yacoubian, Wayne Lonergan, Lt. Beaufort G. Swancutt)

     War Hazard (Sgt. Herman Weinraut)

     Playmates (Jerry Lentz)

     Celebration (Jinx Falkenburg)

Charlie Chaplin Faces Federal Prison on Joan’s Charges (Joan Barry, Charles J. Griffin, Claude Marple, Tim Durant, Jessie Billie Reno, Oona O’Neill, Eugene O’Neill, Jerry Geisler)

Yank Pin-up Girl : Gene Tierney

What goes on in the Entertainment World back home

     Hollywood (Dinah Shore, Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen, Marjorie Reynolds, Chief Gunner’s Mate Jimmy Fitzimmons, Elsa Lanchester, Vivien Leigh, Barton MacLane, Pat O’Brien, Dorothy Lamour, Benny Goodman, Bill Boyd, Ruth Hussey, James Craig, Lena Horne, Joseph Cotton)

     Band Beat (Amy Arnell, Lionel Hampton, Stan Kenton, Freddie Slack, Billy Bishop, Georgie Auld’s, Enric Madriguera, Gracie Barrie, Dick Stabile, Teddy Powell, Louis Prima, Kitty Kallen, Roy Eldredge, Charlie Agnew)

     Coast To Coast (Evelyn Knight, Mike Todd, Sophie Tucker)

     War Sinks Showboat (Capt. Billy Bryant)

     Toscanini on Film (Arturo Toscanini, Jan Peerce)

      The Three Senses

In This Corner…A half Dozen Champs (Beau Jack, Sammy Angott, Ike Williams, Bob Montgomery, Maxie Rosenbloom, Mickey Walker, Pvt. Sixto Escobar)

Sports: Take a Quote, Please, As the great minds in sports speak / By Sgt. Dan Polier

YANK Cartoons