YANK EU 1944 03 03 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 1

Cover: Fifth Army Infantry ……. Picture Story of the Beachhead at Anzio

Articles Inside:

Cassino Melting Pot / By Sgt. Walter Bernstein (Pvt. Marshall A. Spetz, Lt. Pocknall)

Message From the Chief (Jacob L. Devers)

Air Force Mechanics – When they have to work without spare parts and equipment near the front, service squadron men like Sgt. Manley in Italy perform miracles of mechanical surgery every day. / By Sgt. Burtt Evans (T/Sgt. Haskell Manley, Cpl. Ernest C. Jones, Cpl. Bennett C. Hardin, T/Sgt. Joseph I. Disney, Lt. Col. Jay J. Palmer, T/Sgt. Joseph R. Bowers, S/Sgt. Raymond Symmes, S/Sgt. Amos A. Owen, T/Sgt. Marvin Borneman, T/Sgt. Frank Richards, S/Sgt. Theodore Smith, S/Sgt. Charles Lewis (rear) and T/Sgt. Robert J. Simpkins, T/Sgt. Peter J. Cerasaro, Lt. Col. Jay J. Palmer)

How to Vote in the State Elections – GIs from Illinois, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Louisiana can cast ballots in April.

GI Delivery – Here’s some good news for expectant fathers below the first three grades. The Army will pay for the new baby. / By Sgt. Earl Anderson & Sgt. H. N. Oliphant

Raid on the Marshalls – The first correspondent to fly in an attack on that Jap base tells how his B-25 blasted the enemy with its 75-mm gun. / By Cpl. Larry McManus (Seventh Air Force, Capt. Riley E. Scruggs, 1st Lt. Gust J. Yandala of Follansbee, Sgt. Joe McDonough, S/Sgt. Sam H. Sperling, S/Sgt. Floyd M. Hooper, Maj. S. T. (Ted) Willis, B-25 Coral Princess, Sgt. Joe McDonough, 1st Lt. George Leggett, Cpl. Henry B. Krush, 2d Lt. A. R. Wong)

Flight Surgeon – Back in the States, GIs griped about the way he handled their goldbrick ailments on sick call. But now when their plane hits the runway after a tough combat mission, he is usually the first man they want to see. / By Sgt. Saul Levitt (Capt. Wendell C. Stover, Lt. Biddick, “Fearless Joe” Eigen, Capt. Emory C. Kinder)

Somewhere in Italy … Gunner Goes All Out … Report From Rome … $40 Butts … Frontline Reunion … Plug From Jerry … Dry Run … A.W.O.L. In Reverse (Sergeant Arthur Mortorelli, Amerigo Brocaccini, Sgt. Fred W. Welty, Jack R. Thompson, T/4 Harold R. Payne, S/Sgt. Jack Payne, S/Sgt. James M. Payne, Pvt. James Vandergaag, Pfc. Christopher Vandergaag)

Beachhead Blow-By-Blow – The surprise assault, bloody German counterattacks and magnificent stand of the 5th Army as the enemy smashes up its best troops in vain. (Photo Report) (Lt. Mary Harrison, Sgt. Clarence L. Grieseman)

Mail Call

     For Officers Only (M/Sgt. Edward G. Roddy, Pvt. B. L. Andelman, Pfc. Harry Bullack, Pfc. Lyle Stuart)

     Hill 575 (Pvt. John R. Biggs)

     YANK Alaska Correspondent (Pfc. R. H. Fanning Jr.)

     British War (Pfc. Bill Andronicos)

     “Good Field, No Hit” (Pfc. Bill Odman)

     Yardbird (Sgt. E. H. Wendelken)

Message Center (Robert L. Barr, Pvt. Ray K. Barr. . . . Maj. Raymond Barrier. AC, Pvt. Robert Beck, Pvt. Herbert L. Cook, 2d Lt. Albert Bethune, Robert Brower, S/Sgt. Floyd Brown, Willie R. Wilkins, Lt. George D. Cameron, S/Sgt. George Garr, Sgt. Mario (Mike) C. Cassenilli, Alex Chrzanowski, Chris R. Scaperrotto ARM3c, Lt. George Cook, John P. (Gold Brick) Daly, Cpl. Robert Nerdahl, Gertrude Daniels, Sgt. Jimmy Estes, Cpl. David Davidson, 2d Lt. Marvin Schonzeit, Lt. Col. John W. Davis, Richard Edward Davis, G. Wells Y3c, Malcolm Deacon, Pvt. Howard M. Bohlen, Pvt. Frederick Decker, George A. Ciprich,  Glenn E. Decker, Pvt. Dennis E. Fetters, Pvt. Oliver Hass, Pvt. Robert Leckner, Cpl. Gerald E. Hastie, Sgt. John R. Hofman, Sgt. M. A. Morales, Pvt. James Henkle, Pvt. Gordon Stutesman, Cpl. James C. Henry, Lt. A. M. Hilton, Pvt. Carl and Willie Hill, Cpl. Gilbert Miller, Pvt. Robert Hill, Clarence W. Lodge, Martin Hopper, Kenneth S. (Cowboy) Houston, Cpl. Charles Paul Jones, A/C Richard Hrabetis, Pvt. Charles L. Douglass, Sgt. Neal B. McKanna, Lt. George K. Phinny, Pfc. Joe T. Meek, Carl E. (Rockie) Busby, Pfc. C. J. Morgan, Cpl. Fred Boyd, C. J. Murphree S1c, Cpl. Hugh Mortimer, Richard Wahlgren, Pfc. Frank Weidner, Pfc. Ray Hasselhoff, Dick Williams, Pvt. “Dick” Woodburn, Pvt. Robert Williams, Sgt. Zane E. Sprague, Col. Arthur E. Wilson, Sgt. Jack M. Launer, S/Sgt. William H. Steele, S/Sgt. Charles L. Budzius, S/Sgt. George P. Budzius, Sgt. Charles M. Weber, Cpl. Leon Cohen, Pfc. Clarence La Clair, Lt. C. R, Posey, Capt. Richard L. Harrison)

Shoulder Patch Exchange (Cpl. Layden H. Wilson, Pfc. Paul S. Campbell, Pvt. Harry Hewitt, Cpl. R. M. Soldofsky, 1st Lt. W. S. Barthrop, T/Sgt. Charles E. Wells)

News From Home

     Soldier Legislation

     The Costs of War

     In Wake of Atrocities

     Odds & Ends Dept. (Robert Mulnick Jr. and Norman Burns, James S. Reese)

     Names In The News (Raymond Clapper, Eugene Ormandy, Edgar Lee Masters, Martha Raye, Nick Condos, Neal Lang)

     Benefit Performance (Patrice Munsel)

     Mary Ann: A Horse on the Draft Board (Edward M. Sheridan)

The Sad Sack “Hungry” / By Sgt George Baker

First Epistle to the Selectees – According to PFC. Harold Fleming of Fort Bragg, N.C.

Home Towns in Wartime: Philadelphia, Pa. / By Cpl. Harry Sions

Barracudas – The First Outfit of Negro Marines is Itching For Action. / By Sgt. Robert G. Ryan (Howard Kimble, Lt. James T. Wilson, Charley Nesbitt, Frederick E. Gartrille, Pierre A. Clarke, Pvts. Jim Grigg, Carl Sharperson, Joe Griffin, Roosevelt Williams, Carl Adams Jr., Louis A. Shelton, David C. Moody, Matthew Hall, James R. Jordan, Pvt. Herbert G. Davis, Pvt. Andrew C. Walker, Pvt. M. Gerald Taylor, Pfc. Thomas C. Robinson, Sgt. Felix Daniels, 1st Sgt. Olin V. Carey)

Torpedoes? Whales? Unescorted Vessel Meets a Mysterious Enemy at Sea. / By Cpl. Barrett McGurn (1st Sgt. Olin V. Carey, Fred (Whitey) Lefor S1c, Lawrence Krueger S1c, Jerome Piland, Phil Weed, Clifford Knee S1c, Ralph Shrivel, James Geary, Alfred (Tiny) Theisen S1c, Dean W. (Sparks) Ketchum, Nick Gill, C. J. Johanson)

YANK Pin-up Girl: Chili Williams

Navy Notes (John Leonard, Leo O’Grady, Robert L. Schwartz Y2c)

Books In Wartime “ASE” D-91 Thru D-120 (Armed Services Editions)


Blockbuster Game

Sgt. Joe Lewis starts his third year in the Army (Photo Report)

Sports: Sharkey Crowned Champion Snorer / By Cpl. Tom Shehan (Lefty Gomez, Sgt. Frank Lewenberg, Fred Corcoran, Jack Sharkey, Vince Dundee, Sammy Fuller, Lou Brouillard, Ceferino Garcia, Andy Callahan AC, Mose Boquillon, Pierre Charles, Tony Palazola)

YANK Cartoons