YANK CN 1944 12 24 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 22 ……. Cover: Merry Christmas to All GIs – For Christmas, Sgt. George Baker has given us a Sad Sack who holds the bag even on Christmas Eve. Of course it’s a brigadier’s bag, the bag of Santa Claus, but it’s none the less a bag for that. From the size of Gen. Claus’ corporation, the Sack will wind up drawing the chimney-climbing detail, too. / Artwork by Sgt. George Baker ……….. Articles Inside: … Christmas at Home / By Pfc. Debs Myers with Photos by OWI ….. In the Hurtgen Forest – The 4th Division won’t forget its 50 square miles of thick, dripping firs, where a gain of 600 yards was a hard day’s work / By Sgt. Mack Morriss with Photos by Signal Corps and Sgt. Reg Kenny ….. Up the Hard Way – Sgt. John Shelby was busted four times but won a battlefield commission. In North Africa, Sicily and Western Europe he proved he has what it takes. / By Sgt. Bill Davidson with Artwork by Lamitzen ….. Women in Industry – Will the gal who has your job keep on working after the war or does she think her place is in the home? The answer seems to vary with the lady in question. / By Cpl. Margaret Davis with Photos by Grumman Aircraft and Sgt. Bob Ghio ….. The Soldier Speaks: Should women remain in industry after the war? / Photo by Grumman Aircraft ….. Shavetail Without Bars – For nearly three years after his escape from Bataan, a Pfc ( Joseph St. John ) led Filipino guerrilla forces that harassed the Japs on Leyte. / By Cpl. Tom O’Brien with Photo by Sgt. Bill Young ….. War and Weather – On the Western Front, Snow and rain make our progress tougher / Photos by Signal Corps ….. News from Home – Draft boards were at it again; the new secretary of state had his hands full; there was a real snow storm, and Mr. Tommy Manville had more troubles. ….. The Sad Sack “Guests” / By Sgt. George Baker ….. The Major and the Private – A regiment of the 35th division officially freed Chateaudun but these two were cited as “materially aiding” in its liberation. ( Maj. Charles W. Ketterman and Pvt. Ernest Jenkins ) / By Sgt. Saul Levitt with Artwork by Sgt. Howard Brodie ….. Mail Call ….. What’s Your Problem ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Hazel Brooks / Photo by MGM ….. A Christmas Poem / By Sgt. Al Hine ….. 1944 All American College Team ….. Highlights of the Year 1944 ….. YANK Cartoons