YANK CN 1944 12 17 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 21 ……. Cover: Rest Camp, France – For four months after he landed in Normandy on 0-Day, Pfc. Gerand T. Robert, of Springfield, Mass., stayed at the front. Then, believe it or not, he drew a three-day leave at an Infantry rest home behind the lines. A Signal Corps cameraman caught Pfc. Robert’s joy as he tested the softness of his bed. ……. The Capture of a German Gestapo General in Metz ………… Articles Inside: … Antwerp – At the third largest port in the world, GIs, Tommies, and Belgian civilians share work and rations, preparing for the hundreds of supply-laden ships. / By Sgt. Bill Davidson with Photos by British Information Service ….. On Limits – The infantrymen in Strasbourg will remember the town not for its historic sights or military value but as a place where there were hotels and filling food. / By Cpl. John Preston with Photos by Signal Corps ….. PTs in the Philippines – Their job was to spot and size up a Jap naval force, but the torpedo boats never expected to run into a battlewagon. / By Sgt. Ralph Boyce with Photo by U.S. Navy ….. ‘Champagne Campaign’ / By Pvt. Howard Katzander with Photos by Signal Corps ….. Flushing Them Out / By Sgt. Earl Anderson with Photos by Signal Corps ….. Anton Dunckern – Gestapo / By Sgt. Saul Levitt with Artwork by Sgt. Howard Brodie ….. Playtime in the Pacific ( Entertainment for the 7th Infantry Division ) / Photos by Sgt. Bill Young and Sgt. Dil Ferris ….. News from Home / Photos by Sgt. Bob Ghio ….. The Sad Sack “Bottles” / By Sgt. George Baker ….. Fighting the Cold / Photo by Signal Corps ….. Thumbtacks are winning the war / By Sgt. Ray Duncan and Artwork by Sgt. Brandt ….. Mail Call ….. What About the Germans? / Artwork by Sgt. Ralph Stein ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Rita Daigle / Photo by Walter Thorton ….. YANKS at Home Abroad / ….. Army Team – It’s West Point’s greatest football team since the famed team of 1916. Here are the players and coaches who made them click. Photo by Sgt. Matthew Grimaldi ….. Billy the Kid in Italy ( Cpl. Billy Conn ) / By Cpl. Len Zinberg ….. Sports Service Record ….. YANK Cartoons