YANK CN 1944 11 12 (PDF)




Vol. 1 No. 16

Cover: Clean-Up, Western Front – During a pause in the advance toward Berlin, Pfc. Edward L. Schronce of Belmont, N. C., cleans up at a hydrant in Villedieu, France. Schronce is a member of an antitank unit. For Sgt. Mack Morriss’ two stories on the Infantry fighting in the Nazis’ famed Siegfried Line, see pages 2, 3, 4, 5. ……. 2-Front Veteran Compares Pacific and ETO Combat ……….. Articles Inside: … GI Guerillas – American paratroopers landed in Southern France before D-Day to fight side-by-side with Maquis in the middle of the Nazi army. This is the story of 15 of them. / By Sgt. James P. O’Neill with Photos by Sgt. George Aarons ….. Texas Tanker ( Third Armored ) / By Sgt. Frank Woolner with Photo by OWI ….. 2-Front Fighter – A General ( Major General J. Lawton Collins ) who has battled Japs in the Solomons and Germans in Western Europe compares two theaters and two enemies. / By Sgt. Mack Morriss with Artwork by Sgt. Howard Brodie and Photo by Signal Corps ….. Roman Justice – Lynch law meted out death to one Fascist official ( Donato Carretta ) but an orderly trial preceded the execution for murder and treason of ( Pietro ) Caruso, the collaborationist police chief. / By Sgt. Harry Sions and Photos by Coffman, Hecox PWB ….. Down on the Farm – A lot of folks in Nebraska and Iowa say crops and prices are so good they’re paying off that mortgage on the old homestead. But everybody’s waiting for the boys to come back from the war. / By Debs Myers and Photos by OWI ….. Traitor’s End – Six young French collaborationists, members of the Vichy militia who had helped the Nazis, are executed in a square in Grenoble. In this same square, under German occupation, 22 French patriots had been shot for resisting Nazi rule. / Photos by PWB ….. GI Views on Demobilization ….. News from Home – Winter was coming on, plans were being made for Thanksgiving and Christmas, “Uncle Joe” came home and set off a new flurry of talk, the WD talked about which GIs are being brought back to the States, and a sailor found a new family. / Photos by Acme ….. The Sad Sack “Business Hours” / By Sgt. George Baker ….. Mail Call ….. Neutralizing Tellermines / By Lt. Col. Edgar L. Morris ….. What’s Your Problem? ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Mary Ganly / Photo by MGM ….. That Post-War Car ( Again ) – What’s one man’s Rolls-Royce is another man’s poison. These designs for automobiles you won’t want to come home to are by Sgt. Ralph Stein, who doesn’t know when to apply the brakes. …… Sports-at home and abroad / Photos by Sgt. Reg Kenny ….. Sports: Mr. Blanchard Finds Kindness Pays Off Too Many Dividends. / By Sgt. Dan Polier with Photos by Sgt. Ben Schnall and Sgt. Dil Ferris ….. Sports Service Record ….. YANK Cartoons