YANK CBI 1944 04 22 (PDF)



Vol. 1 No. 38

Cover: One For The Road – Cochran’s Commandos land behind Jap Lines in Burma — The British soldier enjoying that healthy swig of beer is one of the late Gen. Wingate’s jungle fighters. A few minutes after downing his “one for the road”, he was on that glider en route to the all-aerial invasion of Burma with Cochran’s Commandos. The jungle-camouflaged soldier on the left is a Yank.

Articles Inside: …

Cochran’s Commandos — These Yanks landed their gliders on a moonlit Burma rice paddy 150 miles behind Japanese lines to start the first all-aerial invasion in history. Their equipment and tactics would turn Buck Rogers green with envy.

(Gen. Henry H. Arnold, Col. Philip G. Cochran, Lt J. J. Shinkle, Lt. D E. Seese, Major Richard W. Boebel, Sgt. Cyrus Porter, Major William H. Taylor, T/Sgt. Perry L. Garten, 2nd Lt. Neal Blush, Cpl. John Kinner, S/Sgt. Raymond J. Bluthardt, Sgt. Stanley J. Ryniec, Sgt. William W. Geider, Cpl. Ralph R. Hammond, Pfc. Raymond Hylton, Cpl. Walter J. Hybarger, Cpl. Merling E. Sneed, Pvt. Robert E. Wade, Pfc. Paul F. Johnson, 2nd Lt. Robert Brackett, Cpl. Joe Satarno, Lt. H. J. Delaney, Sgt. Richard H. Barlow, Sgt. F. W. Hutchinson, M/Sgt. Otto Grunow, T/Sgt. Alex McGregor, S/Sgt. James Oliveto, Major Andrew P. Rebori, M/Sgt. Thomas J. Hawes, T/Sgt. Fintan Maegerle, T/Sgt. Robert F. McMillan, T/Sgt. Glen W. Snyder, T/Sgt. John C. Derdak, M/Sgt. Howard Class, S/Sgt. Arthur M. Cherry, S/Sgt. Morris D. McManama, S/Sgt. Richard T. Snyder, M/Sgt. James Ryan, T/Sgt. Charles E. Fisher, T/Sgt. Joseph Lysowski, S/Sgt, Irwin J. Kersey, S/Sgt. Nicholas Kosko, S/Sgt. Willard L. Roy, S/Sgt. John C. Gallagher, S/Sgt, Austin B. Howe,  F/O Jackie Coogan, Major William T. Cherry, Jr., F/O Billy Mohr, F/O Vernon Noland, Cpl. Walter Hybarger, 1st Lt. Jerome Andrulonis, Pfc. Robert Bennett, Cpl. Ronald J. Cain, Sgt. Joseph D. Walker, Pfc. Kay C. Eminbitzer, Capt. Lester J. Murray, Capt. Duke Phillips, Capt. Lester J. Murray, Flight Officers Jake Newland, Walter M. Steinke, Hadley Baldwin, Troy Shaw, Capt. John N. Dehoney, 1st Lt. Vincent L. Ulery, F/O Charles Turner)

Antipersonnel Bombs Drive You Nuts in the Solomon Islands / By Sgt. Barrett McGurn (Pvt. Eugene K. Lampkin)

Former Valet to Hollywood Stars Greets Them at Middle East Air Base / Cpl. Sam D. Melson (Cpl. Ralph C. Budd)

Nothing Like a Little Surprise To Break the New Guinea Monotony / Cpl. Ralph Boyce (Sgt. Emil Raninen, Cpl. Eugene Weinard, S/Sgt. Charles Allhands)

“Woodman/ Spare That Tree”: New Version From the Fifth Army (Cpl. Clyde L. Hardin, Pvt. Judy Brooks)

Puerto Rican Soldier — Pvt. Fulano de Tal, the typical GI, is proud of his island, fights well and likes rice, beans and the rumba. / By Sgt. Lou Stoumen (Col. Pedro del Valle, 1st Lt. Jesus Maldonado, 1st Lt. Manuel Vicente, Pvt. Fulano de Tal)

Mental Breakdowns In The Army — What causes psychoneurosis at the front lines? Usually it does not develop in men who have a clear idea of the necessity for the war and understand why they had to
get into a GI uniform and do the fighting. / By Sgt. Mack Morriss

First Mission (B-17s) / By Sgt. Saul Levitt

In Italy / By Sgt. George Aarons (T-5 Joe Fillippo, Victoria Hansen and Carrie Sheetz)

Mail Call

     Returning Veterans / By Pvt. John G. Hutsko, Cpl. David H. Adams, Pvt. Charles R. Geer, T-3 James C. Hetrick, M/Sgt. H. Copple,

     Oops / By Edwin D. Peacock, RM2c

     Wacs Hit Back / By Pvt. Carol J. Swan, Pvt. Helen London, Pfc. Mildred McGlamery, Cpl. Sophie Woitel, Pvt. Sybil Watson, 1st/Sgt. Edith F. Krouse, T-4 Jane Nugent, Col. Frances Clough, Cpls. Adelaid J. Swett, Nora F. Fields, Beatrice Schweitzer and Sgt. Adelaide Bishop

     Jumping With Helmets / By Capt. Gustave J. Schwabe

Message Center (John D. Anderson, Sgt. Jack T. Gordon, Pvt. Leslie C. Anderson, James Bannan, Pvt. Elmer Ardale, Jon Brumbea S2c, Pfc. Edsel Davis, Pfc. Al Pempey, Pfc. Jack T. Davis, Pfc. Paul Hankins, John R. Delmore, Cpl. S. M. Goldberg, Pvt. Melvin Demery, Pvt. R. C. Christiansen, Sgt. Vincent Di Nicola, Cpl. George Ponnaselli, Louis Durland, Pvt. Fred J. Drouillard, Lt. Col. Ben Jacobs, Cpl. Ken Jacobs, Frank Jacueo, Cpl. Sam Wurtzel, Cpl. Robert Jollota, Pvt. John Uhler, Pvt. Royal P. Laskey, Pvt. Roger & Pfc. Venny Laskey, T-5 Frank J. Law, Pfc. J. J. Keul, Dr. Abel J. Leader, Pvt. Fred J. Drouillard, Pvt. William Leader, Pfc. Knestrict, Pvt. Jack McCormick, Pfc. Frank Headrick, Lt. (jg) Ralph R. Mackey, T-5 Aarne J. Mackey, WO Walter Melvin, E. Enix, Pfc. Henry Mengel, Pvt. Walter Suchojad, Pvt. Joseph J. Pasciotty, Pvt. Cy Ficarro, Sgt. Richard Paterni, Sgt. Johnnie Wood. . . . Edward Plambeck, Pvt. Anton A. Valincius, Cpl. Joseph Price, S/Sgt. Willie Bryant)

Shoulder Patch Exchange

News From Home

     Soldier Legislation

     Odds & Ends Dept. (Judge Francis E. Donoghue, Novell Wetherington, Arnold Lindl, Paul E. Flato, Robert Rapoport, Mrs. Robert F. R. Peters)

     Officer Goes Amuck (Lt. Beaufort G. Swancutt, Miss Dorothy Douglas, Miss Lourdine Livermore, Arthur B. Simpson, Capt. Aubrey G. Serflin)

     No Long Faces, No Funeral Frippery, Humorist Decrees (Irvin S. Cobb)

Names In The News (Mickey Rooney, Ralph Edwards, Hendrik Willem Van Loon, Joseph C. Lincoln, Myrna Loy, John D. Hertz Jr., Loretta Young, Lt. Col. Tom Lewis, Charlie Chaplin, Joan Barry, Lt. Rudy Vallee, Betty Jane Greer, Albert Einstein, Anne Hagopian, Charles A. Davidson, Dan Howley, Gil Dodds, James H. Price)

The Sad Sack “Souvenir Hunter” / By Sgt. George Baker

Nothing Can Stop The ‘Censored’ / By Sgt. Ray Duncan

Strictly G.I.

     No AAF Transfers

     Our Casualties

     New Field Pack

     Drama in the Field

     ASTP Courses

     Medical Equipment

Washington O.P. (Maj. Gen. Willis H. Hale)

News From Home

     Arkansas (Rev. Ransom Hayden)

     California (Raleigh Spurlock)

     Connecticut (Mrs. Catherine Barnett, Mr. and Mrs. James DeFrancisco, Harry Williamson)

     Delaware (H. Fletcher Brown, Rev. C. Stanley Lowell, Rev. M. W. Marine, Gen. Thomas Holcomb, USMC)

     District Of Columbia (Julius Fisher, Catherine Reardon, Clark Griffith)


     Illinois (S/Sgt. William Pettigrew, William Hoye Sr.)


     Iowa (Raymond Simbro, John Culp, William Bare)

     Kansas (George Hale)

     Kentucky (Carl Heustis)


     Michigan (Capt. Seward Freed, Mrs. Sidney Nelson, Howard Senkpiel)

     Minnesota (Ernie Defort, Dr. Henry Meyerding)

     Mississippi (Mrs. Lulu Abraham, Ralph Henry Barbour)

     Missouri (Mrs. Vesta Rogers, Timothy (Ted) Cronin)

     Nebraska (Drs. Andrew and Fred Amick, Mrs. E. M. Ruby)

     New Hampshire (George Pelky)

     New Mexico (Tito Valdez, Cruz Trupillo)

     New York (Mrs. Ruth Augello)

     Ohio (Captain Lester Mercia, Mrs. Rose Sabol)

     Oklahoma (District Judge Van Meter)

     Pennsylvania (Mrs. John Crooks)

     Rhode Island (Charles Capron)

     South Carolina (W. G. Smith)

     South Dakota (Charles Manson, W. E. Pickering, Arthur Johnson, Bert Gednalske, Frank Emery, Joe Medak)

     Tennessee (Col. Herbert Fox, Earl Stricklin)

     Texas (H. B. Bliss, Aglae Edwards)



     Washington (Rear Adm. Taffinder, Morrill Folsom, Mr. and Mrs. James Goman)

     Wisconsin (Father Peter Brooks)

YANK Pin-up Girl: Irene Manning

The Poets Cornered

     Hearing That His Friend Was Coming Back From the War / By Wang Chien

     Buna Beach / By Pfc. Keith B. Campbell

     Winter Afternoon / By Pfc. Lowell Richard

     The Freighter / By Pvt. Norman Gelber

     Travel Note / By Sgt. Jack N. Carl

     Victim Of War / By Cpl. Walter A. Armbruster

     Transition Flight / By Sgt. William R. Carty


Narrow Escape (Math Quiz)

Puzzle Solutions

Ringside view of the Allied Boxing Tourney (Pvt. Marshall Higa, Pvt. Larry Cisneros, Pvt. Tom Guzzardo, Pvt. Cecil Shumway, Lt. John Sullivan, Pvt. Robert Barry, Cpl. Zeke Bonura, Rene Pons, Pvt. Perry Bryson)

Sports: Kentucky Derby Horses: Their Lives And Loves / By Sgt. Dan Polier

Sports Service Record (Marcel Cerdan, Henry Armstrong, Leo Durocher, Steve O’Neill, Pvt. Alton Wilkie, Yankee Billy Johnson, A/C Howie Pollett, Mac Rothenberg, Sgt. Freddie Mills, Gus Lesnevich, Capt. Jeff Dickson, Lt. Tom Harmon, Joe Beggs, Betty Hicks, Johnny Gilbert, Tony Galento,  Dick Bartell, Jimmy Orlando, Bill Dietrich, Joe Glenn, Steve Sundra, Bill Baker, Bob Klinger, Dixie Walker, Ray Mueller, George Metkovich, Tony Galento)

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