YANK CBI 1944 03 11 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 32 ……. Cover: Paratrooper in New Guinea – This rough, tough and heavily burdened soldier is Pvt. Richard M. Moore of Baltimore, Md., attached to a Parachute Infantry regiment in New Guinea. He is pictured wearing full equipment before boarding a plane. Paratroopers in New Guinea were used with notable success in capturing Lae. ……. B-25s Fire 75-mm Guns at Japs on the Marshalls ……. Articles Inside: The Alaska Scouts – Whenever the Army and Navy planned an invasion in the North Pacific, they sent a few of these tough regulars and ex-trappers ashore first to find the best landing beaches and to locate the Japanese positions. By Sgt. Georg N. Meyers ….. How do you like American soldiers – YANK’s inquisitive photographer Sgt. George Aarons asked the question of five Italian girls. Here are their answers. ….. The Old One-Two Punch in Italy – While the Rangers threw a left hook around the German flank and staged a surprise landing south of Rome … the tired doughboys in the mountains north of Naples went back up to the lines and smashed a right to the body. By Sgt. Burtt Evans ….. Raid on the Marshalls – The first correspondent to fly in an attack on that Jap base tells how his B-25 blasted the enemy with its 75-mm gun. By Cpl. Larry McManus ….. GI Delivery ( Maternity Care ) By Sgt. Earl Anderson and Sgt. H. N. Oliphant ….. Torpedoes? Whales? Unescorted Vessel Meets a Mysterious Enemy at Sea By Sgt. Barrett McGurn ….. Central Europe & The Mediterranean Map ( Centerfold ) ….. Mail Call ….. Message Center ….. News From Home ….. The Sad Sack “Hungry” by Sgt George Baker ….. First Epistle To The Selectees – According to PFC. Harold Fleming of Fort Bragg, N. C. ….. The Torturing and Killing of American Prisoners in the Philippines ….. News From Home – What Goes on in Your Own Home State ….. YANK Pin-up Girl: Carole Gallagher ….. Navy Notes ….. Books in Wartime – ASE list D-91 thru D-120 ….. Tee-Total Puzzle Challange ….. Sgt. Joe Louis starts his third year in the Army ….. Sports: Frankie Frisch Lost His Nerve in Alaska by Sgt. Dan Polier ….. Cartoons