YANK CBI 1944 01 22 (PDF)


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Vol. 1 No. 25 ……. Pictures of “Fighting 69th” in Invasion of Makin ……. Cover: In his first night in a foxhole on Makin, Pfc, James McClure heard something moving. He didn’t ask questions. He shot. The next morning Infantryman McClure was still there with a dead Jap nearby as mute testimony to his good judgment and aim. ……. Articles Inside: Shamrocks at Makin – Lt. Col. Hart’s Irish battalion from the famed “Fighting 69th” had a weird night when the Japs staged a series of wild, suicidal attacks on their front-line positions. By Cpl. Larry McManus ….. The Great Cigarette Mystery – The Quartermaster tells why all those Chelseas went to England and the Pacific and announces good news – only the leading brands will be issued and rationed from now on overseas. by Sgt. Earl Anderson ….. Lost in Head-Hunter Country – And one of the 21 men who bailed out near the Burma border was an official from the State Department. His capture would have been worth plenty to the Japs. by Sgt. Bob Ghio ….. German Notes on Winter Use of Infantry Weapons ….. Staek, Rum, No KP, No MPs-And Yanks in Haiti Get Paid, Too. By Sgt. Lou Stoumen ….. In New Caledonia It’s the Guys Who Teach the Gals How to Dance. By Sgt. Barrett McGurn ….. GI Appendix Removed Despite Close Quarters and Rough Seas. By Cpl. Tom Shehan ….. A GI View of the Teheran Conference – Soldiers in Iran who saw Stalin meet Roosevelt and Churchill no longer look upon their command as the dullest place this side of Cooks and Bakers School. By Sgt. Al Hine and Cpl. James P. O’Neill ….. Variety Show – Produced by the Cameras of the World ….. The Sad Sack “The Good Deed” by Sgt. George Baker ….. What’s Your Problem? ….. Strickly GI ….. News From Home – What Goes on in Your Own Home State ….. Mail Call ….. Message Center ….. News From Home ….. He’s in the Army By Choice; He’s Tough and Fearless, and He Never pulls K.P. By Sgt Ed Cunningham ….. Sports: Mister Long Pants Starts New Career by Sgt. Dan Polier ….. Sports Service Record ….. 1944 Calendar